Are Vintage Levi’s Worth It?

From the working class of lumberjacks and cowboys of the western United States to the fashion mongers who donned in jeans for a more casual look during the “blue jeans craze” in the 1960s, Levi Strauss & Co. has helped propel denim jeans from being just go-to pants for blue-collar workers to a fashion favorite of Hollywood celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ian Somerhalder. 

Thanks to Levi’s innovation in jeans and denim, and their aim to be contemporary, people are still decking themselves out in their jeans to this day. However, a trend of seeking out vintage Levi’s has been growing year-on-year. Perhaps it’s due to the style, they don’t make them like they used to, or just for nostalgia.

The question to consider is, are vintage Levi’s worth it? What makes them so special? 

Levi Strauss & Co. | The Brand that Made a Cultural Impact

An American clothing company founded in May 1853 by a German immigrant named Levi Strauss, Levi’s is a clothing company that is well known for its iconic denim jeans. The company’s headquarters is found in Levi’s Plaza in San Francisco.

The very first pair of Levi jeans were the 501 jeans, which have become an iconic piece of clothing in today’s fashion. They are popular not just for the brand name and style, but also for comfort.

What Is Considered Vintage Levi’s?

Vintage Levi’s are any pair of jeans that were manufactured before the 1970s. You can tell by looking at the buttons, checking the label, and from the design elements of the jeans.

When you refer to a piece of clothing as vintage, this means that it is at least 25 years old. So as we move forward, other pairs of Levi jeans may become vintage, even if they are after the 1970s. 

How do you know if you own a pair of vintage Levi’s?

  1. Check the buttons. If you see a single-digit carved into them, then that’s classic jeans from the mid-1970s.
  2. Check the red tab. If you see a red tab that has Levi’s written in it in capital letter, then that’s vintage.
  3. Check to see for some bar tacks. Levi’s jeans that have bar tacks on the corner of the pockets, then that’s at least 20 years.

Are Vintage Levi’s Worth it? 

Vintage Levi’s are worth it if you are a collector, enjoy old fashion styles, or want to make some money. Vintage Levi’s can fetch up to $10,000 depending on the age and style.

The very first and oldest model of the popular denim jeans, Levi’s 501 jeans have been around since the American gold rush in 1873. What makes Levi’s jeans special is that it is made entirely out of cotton and the denim fabric used is very durable that it became an ideal option for people working in extreme conditions. 

Thanks to the resilience of the fabric, Levi’s jeans became the people’s favorite jeans. The most iconic signature of Levi’s jeans is the famous red tab on the back of the 501 models together with the copper rivets, the button fly, and their leather label sewn at the waist. 

Levi’s jeans are known to last longer and if you’re still rocking your old Levi’s jeans from years ago then you know you got your money’s worth. 

If you are looking to make money on vintage clothing items, then seeking out a pair of vintage Levi’s could be a goldmine. Various reports have claimed people are selling vintage Levi jeans for up to $10,000. That price will only increase as time goes on. 

Facts About Vintage Levi’s Jeans.

1. The go-to casual look of 501 Levi’s jeans and a suit jacket was popularized by Andy Warhol.

2. You can earn a lot from auctioning off your vintage Levi’s. Why do people buy old Levi’s? – well, for the most part, it’s all thanks to collectors who are willing to pay as much as $8,000 for a rare vintage Levi’s jeans. Even Levi’s is willing to buy back your old Levi’s jeans.  

Final Thought

Vintage Levi’s are worth purchasing if you want to make some money, are a collector, or want to wear retro fashion pieces. They will likely set you back some money, so investing in a pair you will wear regularly might not be worth it unless you have the cash to burn. If you are looking to purchase a pair, use a Levi’s promo code to save money.

Written on September 27, 2021 in Fashion by Dealorium

Are Vintage Levi’s Worth It?

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