Are UGGs Waterproof?

Are you a proud owner of a pair of UGG boots? Have you ever experienced strutting around in your boots and accidentally stepping in a puddle? Don’t worry, you are not alone. It can be worrying if you get your brand new $100 sheepskin boots wet and lead you to wonder are UGGs waterproof?

It is likely at some point that you are going to end up stepping in a puddle, unless you live somewhere that doesn’t rain or only wear your UGGs indoors. There are also accessories you can purchase to put on boots or over them to keep them dry, but these can also damage the boots. 

To put it short, UGG boots are not waterproof, but there is more to it than that. Remember, if you are looking to purchase a pair, make sure you use the latest UGG coupons to save money.

What Are UGG Boots?

An UGG boot, or more popularly known as UGGs, is a type of winter footwear that is designed to keep a person’s feet warm during cold weather. UGG boots are made out of twin-faced sheepskin, fleece, and synthetic soles. 

UGG boots were first worn by surfers in Australia during the 1960s, and a decade later was made known to the surf culture of the United States and the United Kingdom. It was only in the 1990s where the UGG became fashion footwear in the U.S. and a worldwide fashion trend in the 2000s. 

Are UGGs Waterproof?

UGG boots are not waterproof, and they can be damaged permanently from water. Water can enter the boots through the seams and ruin the material inside and outside the shoe. This can also lead to mold and bad odors.

Why You Should Not Get Your UGG Boots Wet

Are UGGs water-resistant? That’s a question most people ask when they purchase UGG boots. To get the record straight, UGG boots are not waterproof even if they were pre-treated to prevent any moisture from seeping into the boots and safeguard against stains. 

The best thing you can do to help preserve your UGG boots is to use the “Water and Stain Repellent” directly available from UGG. This should be applied every season to keep your boots protected and fresh.

The key thing to remember is that even if you apply this repellent, your boots can still become water damaged. So don’t apply the repellent and then act carelessly with your boots.

You should also be careful applying any other “water repellent” sprays from brands. Depending on the chemicals, you could cause long-term damage to the appearance of your UGG boots.

What Happens If UGGs Get Wet?

If your UGG boots get wet, they could become damaged, grow mold, and generate odors. It depends on the amount of water on the boots and how often you treat and care for them.

To put it simply, once your UGG boots get wet, they are bound to get ruined. Although they were designed to be worn during the colder months, they are not snow-boots and are not meant to be used against deep snow and soaking wet roads. 

Once your UGG boots get wet, the outer suede material will change color and become saturated and the boots could be ruined. You might get away with this a small number of times, but with continued water damage, your boots could be useless.

Are UGGs waterproof for rain?

UGG boots are not waterproof, however, a small amount of rain would cause any significant damage. If you wear UGG boots in downpours, then you will ruin the material and the boots.

How To Properly Dry UGG Boots Without Damaging Them?

Sometimes things happen and despite you being careful, your UGG boots might still get wet. Don’t be too stressed out when your UGG boots get wet though. There is still a way to save them, all you need is clean water, a suede cleaner, and a sponge. 

Moisten a sponge in cold water and add a small amount of suede cleaner to the sponge. Gently apply the cleaner all over the boots, making sure that you cover the whole surface evenly to prevent stains once the boots are dry. 

Once you have done this, place the boots in a warm location to naturally dry. DO NOT put them in a dryer, use a hairdryer, or try any fancy method of drying. This will ruin the boots.

Final Say

Are UGG’s waterproof? No, they are not. Remember that your UGG’s are for warmth and comfort, not for protection against rain or snow. Take proper care of them using the correct cleaning equipment and water repellent products from UGG. If you are looking for ways to save on UGG boots, then check out the latest deals right here at Dealorium.

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