Does Saks Fifth Avenue Have an Annual Sale?

Saks Fifth Avenue is one of the popular stores for designer fashion, whether online or in-store. You will find a whole range of top designer brands including Gucci, Fendi, Balenciaga, and Michael Kors for purchase. This also covers popular departments such as home items, fashion, beauty, and jewelry, for both men and women. These designer items often have a high price tag, which leads to the question, does Saks Fifth Avenue have an annual sale?

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Does Saks Fifth Avenue Have an Annual Sale?

Yes, Saks Fifth Avenue does have an annual sale. In fact, they have numerous sales events every month. You can almost guarantee to find some form of sale when you shop the online store.

In addition to the Saks Fifth Avenue sales – they also run gift card events and money-off events, where users can apply a Saks Fifth Avenue promo code and receive a gift card when they meet a minimum purchase or save money on an order. These often run 2-3 times per month but can vary depending on the season.

If those aren’t enough for you, Saks also has many different free gift options that generally apply to beauty products. This will include getting free samples or gift sets when you shop for a specific brand or spend a certain amount.

The main Saks Fifth Avenue sale events include:

Saks Fifth Avenue Black Friday

Of course, the biggest sale event of the year brings in many discounts when you shop for designer fashion online. Saks usually runs various promo codes in addition to a sale online. This can be found on the homepage and also by clicking the sale tab on the website to see the active sales right now.

Saks Fifth Avenue Cyber Monday

As soon as the Black Friday sales end, the Saks Fifth Avenue Cyber Monday sales start. These generally follow the same format with a coupon code or two, then a sale event that offers between 50 – 80% off select designer brands or items.

Holiday Sales

When major holiday events come around, you will commonly find a Saks Fifth Avenue sale. This includes Labor Day, Singles Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and any others that occur. They tend to either be a promo code for a gift card or a sale event that offers around 50% off select items. You will see these sales on the homepage or under the ‘sales’ tab on the menu.

Monthly Sales

You don’t need to wait for a holiday to find a Saks Fifth Avenue sale, they occur more frequently than you might think. 2-4 times per month, there are new offers, promo codes, and sale events happening online. Whether it’s for a specific brand, jewelry, or handbags only, or for men only, there are regular sale events throughout the month.

Clearance Sales

If you can’t seem to find a sale event, why not check out specific sale items? Head to the Saks site and select ‘Sale’ then every category that appears will provide you with items on sale. These are active all year round – with the stock changing regularly, so you can always discover sale items when you shop online.

Finding Hidden Sales

One final way to find Saks Fifth Avenue sales online is to check out the different tabs and sections on the menu. Sometimes sale events are not posted on the homepage, they only appear on the menu tabs or even on the pages themselves. So you might have to go hunting around the website to see if any sales appear.

So, does Saks Fifth Avenue have an annual sale? As you can see, they have many different sales and you don’t have to wait very long to save money on your next designer fashion haul. If you can’t find the items you are looking for, also consider using a Saks Fifth Avenue promo code!



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