10 Best Triathlon Swim Goggles in 2022

There’s no denying that open-water swimming is one of the most difficult parts of a triathlon. It’s the only section where you cannot use your hands unless you stop momentum, therefore having triathlon goggles that don’t fit properly or allow water inside can pretty much ruin your race/event time. Having the right gear for a triathlon challenge is essential and that is why we have this list of the best swim goggles for triathlon events.

When looking for the best goggles for open water swimming, be sure not to confuse them with indoor pool goggles which are generally smaller. Ensure that you pick the correct tint and mirrored lens for underwater, and of course, choose the right UV protection for you. So get ready to up the swimming part of your game and find the perfect goggles.

Arena Cobra Tri Goggles

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anti-fog goggles

These innovative goggles feature Swipe Anti-Fog technology, which offers anti-fog protection that lasts 10 times longer than traditional goggles. You can even reactivate the anti-fog protection by simply swiping the lenses with your fingers. In addition, the hard, mirrored lenses provide UV protection, while the three interchangeable nose bridges and dual straps make these goggles ideal for triathlon and open-water swimming. Plus, they’re PVC free!

Orca Killa 180 Swimming Goggles

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wide fit black goggles

With their rubber frame and comfortable fit, these goggles will make your swimming experience a breeze. The anti-fog coating ensures that you’ll always have a clear view, while the easy clip strap adjustment system makes it simple to find the perfect fit. And thanks to the latest rubber injection technology, the Ultra FUSE design prevents leaks and enhances comfort.

Roka R1 Goggles

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white goggles

These stylish and sleek goggles feature a patented, medium-sized lens with a retroscopic tilt that provides you with clearer vision and a more dynamic range of motion. The hydrophobic coating on the lens minimizes surface tension while swimming, resulting in less drag and more speed.

The unibody nose bridge provides a comfortable and secure fit, while the hypo-allergenic TPR gaskets ensure that your goggles are gentle on your skin. The Roka R1 Goggles are FINA-approved and come with a premium microfiber storage bag, making them the perfect choice for serious swimmers and also the best swim goggles for ironman competitions.

Aqua Sphere Kayenne

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blue and white goggles

These top-of-the-line goggles feature a titanium frame and anti-fog coating, ensuring that you’ll have clear vision while swimming. The curved lens technology provides a 180° wide field of view, while the 100% UVA/UVB protection helps keep your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful rays. With a comfortable silicone strap and quick-fit buckle, the Aqua Sphere Kayenne is perfect for any swimmer.

HUUB Aphotic Swim Goggles

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black and blue goggles

These bad boys are made with thermoplastic elastomers and polycarbonate lenses, so you know they’re built to last and are one of the best goggles for open water swimming. Plus, the photochromatic lenses ensure that you’ll always have a clear vision, no matter what the conditions are like. Whether you’re swimming laps at the pool or taking a dip in the ocean, these goggles will give you the clarity and comfort you need to enjoy your time in the water.

Speedo MDR 2.4 Swim Goggles

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blue goggles

These best triathlon swim goggles are essential for outdoor and open water swimming and feature polarized lenses that eliminate glare, enhance clarity, and improve depth perception. They’re also unisex and come in one size, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Plus, they look great too with their blue Hawaii color scheme.

TYR Sport Special Ops 2.0

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black swimming goggles

These sleek and stylish goggles are packed with features that will help you swim faster and more efficiently. The Speed Adjust Technology embedded in the goggles lets you quickly and easily adjust the Tempo of your swimming, while the anti-fog feature ensures that your vision is always clear. The broad peripheral range provides you with greater visibility while swimming, and the polarized lenses reduce glare from the water. The Silicone gasket construction provides a comfortable, watertight seal that is also hypoallergenic.

TYR Special Ops 3.0

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green goggles

If you want the best triathlon swim goggles that will help you see clearly and avoid eye fatigue, these TYR Sport Special Ops 3.0 are perfect. These stylish shades are equipped with polarized lenses that filter out 99.9% of surface glare, as well as Durafit silicone gaskets that provide a watertight seal. Plus, all of the lenses offer full UVA/UVB protection. Whether you’re hitting the beach or the slopes, the Special Ops 3.0 is perfect for any activity.

Blueseventy Hydra Vision Goggles

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orange tint goggles

These amazing goggles feature a frame-integrated strap adjustment system that is easy to use, and a unibody nose bridge that is integrated into the frame and sits close to the face to further improve hydrodynamics. A curved wide lens provides unparalleled vision in the open water and unmatched anti-fog properties. The low profile, feature-fitting frame makes these goggles a great cross-over goggle for the pool to open water. And they’re made with the latest HDR TPR frame materials to reduce weight, and increase comfort and fit.

Zoggs Predator Flex 2.0 Reactor

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smoke tinted goggles

These gems are perfect for changeable conditions and everyday training. With their advanced Ultra-fit gaskets and fast, secure quick adjust system, you’ll be able to get a comfortable, customized fit in no time. And the 4 flex point technology ensures enhanced frame flexibility and fit. So you can focus on your swim and not worry about your goggles slipping or fogging up.

Final Savings

With this list of the best triathlon swim goggles in 2022 you can now find the perfect pair and start focusing on your performance without worrying about equipment affecting your game.



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