7 Best Smart Locks for an Airbnb

Airbnb hosts often face the challenge of ensuring their guests have seamless access to the property while maintaining security. Traditional keys can be lost, copied, or even forgotten, leading to potential security risks and inconveniences for both hosts and guests. Smart locks are the modern solution to this age-old problem. They offer keyless entry, remote access, and enhanced security features, making them an ideal choice for Airbnb properties. We have chosen 7 of the best smart locks for Airbnb rentals, for increased security and a better guest experience.

What Is a Smart Lock Airbnb?

A smart lock for Airbnb is a digital locking system that allows hosts to grant access to their property without the need for physical keys. These locks can be controlled remotely via smartphones or computers, enabling hosts to provide temporary access codes to guests, monitor entry and exit times, and even integrate with the Airbnb platform for automated check-ins.

Are Smart Locks for Airbnb Safe?

Yes, smart locks for Airbnb are designed with security in mind. They often come with features like encryption, two-factor authentication, and activity logs. These locks not only eliminate the risks associated with lost or copied keys but also provide hosts with a detailed record of who accessed the property and when.

Can Airbnb Smart Locks Be Hacked?

Like any digital device, smart locks are not entirely immune to hacking. However, reputable brands invest heavily in security measures, including encryption and regular software updates, to minimize such risks. It’s essential for hosts to choose high-quality smart locks, keep their software updated, and follow best practices to ensure the safety of their property.

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Best Smart Locks for Airbnb

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a best-seller for a reason. This all-in-one smart lock offers the convenience and intelligence you need, powered by a beautifully designed lock. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing for remote access, auto-lock, and unlock features. The lock is compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, enhancing its functionality. Moreover, it’s designed to work with your existing single-cylinder deadbolt, ensuring that your original keys still function. The August app provides an activity feed, giving hosts insights into when guests come and go.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi for remote access
  • Compatible with major voice assistants
  • Works with existing single-cylinder deadbolt
  • Activity feed for monitoring access
  • Auto-lock and unlock features
  • Battery life varies between 3-6 months
  • No external keypad

Yale Assure Lock® SL with Yale Home

The Yale Assure Lock® SL is a sleek and modern touchscreen deadbolt that allows homeowners and Airbnb hosts to enjoy a key-free lifestyle. With its advanced touchscreen keypad, users can create unique pin codes for family and guests, eliminating the need for physical keys. The lock integrates seamlessly with various smart home systems, offering remote access and monitoring capabilities. For Airbnb hosts, this means the ability to grant temporary access codes to guests and monitor usage, ensuring enhanced security and convenience. The lock’s design is tamper-resistant, and its weather-resistant keypad ensures functionality even in extreme conditions.

  • Key-free touchscreen deadbolt
  • Ability to create unique pin codes for guests
  • Integrates with various smart home systems
  • Tamper-resistant design
  • Weather-resistant keypad
  • Requires compatible smart home system for full functionality
  • AutoUnlock can be temperamental

Sifely Smart Lock

The Sifely Smart Lock is a versatile keyless entry system designed for modern homes and Airbnb properties. It offers multiple access methods, including fingerprint recognition, passcode entry, and eKey access via a smartphone app. This flexibility ensures that Airbnb hosts can provide their guests with convenient access options tailored to their preferences. The lock also features a robust security system, with anti-peep technology that prevents potential intruders from deciphering your access code. Its durable construction and long battery life make it a reliable choice for hosts looking for a balance between convenience and security.

  • Multiple access methods (fingerprint, passcode, eKey)
  • Anti-peep technology for added security
  • Durable construction
  • Long battery life
  • Requires regular software updates for optimal security

ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Series

The ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Series is a compact smart lock that boasts a range of intuitive features, making it a top choice for Airbnb hosts. With its 5-in-1 keyless access, hosts can offer guests a variety of entry methods, including Code, smartphone Bluetooth proximity sensor, and more. The lock provides extensive connectivity options, allowing hosts to choose their preferred method, be it Bluetooth, WiFi, or Z-Wave. Integration with popular smart home platforms like Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings ensures seamless operation. The lock also features an Anti-peep Tactile Keypad, ensuring that guests can enter their passcode without revealing it to onlookers. The U-tec App further enhances the user experience by allowing hosts to manage users, view log records, and receive smart notifications.

  • 5-in-1 keyless entry options
  • Extensive connectivity (Bluetooth, WiFi, Z-Wave)
  • Integration with popular smart home platforms
  • Anti-peep Tactile Keypad for added security
  • U-tec App for comprehensive control and monitoring
  • Battery life varies depending on the model (U-Bolt WiFi has a shorter battery life compared to other models)

Eufy Video Smart Lock S330

The Eufy Video Smart Lock S330 is a cutting-edge security solution that combines the convenience of a smart lock with the added security of a video camera. This lock is perfect for Airbnb hosts who want to ensure the safety of their property while providing guests with easy access. The built-in camera allows hosts to monitor their property in real-time, ensuring that only authorized guests gain entry. The lock also offers multiple access methods, including passcodes and smartphone access, providing flexibility for guests. With its robust construction and advanced security features, the Eufy Video Smart Lock S330 offers peace of mind for hosts and a seamless experience for guests.

  • Integrated video camera for real-time monitoring
  • Multiple access methods (passcode, smartphone)
  • Robust construction for enhanced durability
  • Advanced security features for peace of mind
  • Requires a stable Wi-Fi connection for video streaming
  • Expensive eco-system

Wyze Lock Bolt

The Wyze Lock Bolt is a Bluetooth-connected smart lock designed for those who prioritize convenience and security. This lock allows users to unlock their door in less than a second using an ultra-fast fingerprint sensor. Additionally, the luxurious backlit keypad ensures easy access even in low light conditions. The lock is crafted from solid metal, ensuring maximum security. One of its standout features is the anti-peep technology, which allows users to enter extra digits before or after their actual code, ensuring that onlookers can’t decipher the real code. The lock also offers an auto-lock feature, which can be set to automatically lock the door after a certain period, ensuring that you never accidentally leave your door unlocked.

  • Ultra-fast fingerprint sensor for quick access
  • Backlit keypad with anti-peep technology
  • Solid metal construction for enhanced security
  • Auto-lock feature for added convenience
  • Bluetooth connectivity with a range of up to 16 feet
  • Requires a local Bluetooth connection for app features
  • No integrated Wi-Fi for remote access

Schlage Encode Plus™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt

The Schlage Encode Plus™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt is revolutionizing home security. With trusted features from Schlage, this advanced smart lock now integrates seamlessly with Apple® home keys. Users can effortlessly lock and unlock their doors using devices like the Apple Watch®, iPhone®, and through Apple’s HomeKit®. The lock offers a comprehensive Schlage® Home experience, putting control and monitoring right at the user’s fingertips. One of its standout features is the ability to unlock the door using the Apple home keys in the Wallet app, providing a seamless and secure access method. The lock also offers compatibility with voice assistants like Alexa, Siri®, and Google Assistant, ensuring broad accessibility and control. With its built-in WiFi and a wide range of device compatibility, installation and connection are more straightforward than ever.

  • Integration with Apple® home keys for easy access
  • Compatible with major voice assistants (Alexa, Siri®, Google Assistant)
  • Built-in WiFi for remote access and control
  • Schlage® Home app for real-time monitoring and code management
  • Robust security features ensure peace of mind
  • Requires a stable WiFi connection for optimal functionality



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