20 Best Yankee Candle Scents Fall 2021

UPDATE – The best Yankee Candle Scents Fall 2022 list is now here!

The air is getting colder, leaves are falling, and the fireplace is ready to go. Fall brings a sense of calmness and serenity that makes it the perfect time to light up your home with candles. People often associate fall with pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, and apple cider donuts. But what you might not know is that the fall season has its own unique scents too. These best Yankee Candle scents fall 2021 can bring nostalgia and comfort to your home.

Many people choose to use fall scents for their homes because they’re comforting and give you a sense of warmth. Whether it’s for a gift or for yourself, there are many options of fall Yankee Candles to choose from, including pumpkin spice and campfire scents.

The 20 Best Fall Yankee Candle Scents 

We have compiled a list of the 20 best fall candle scents from the Yankee Candle 2021 lineup. The guide starts with the top three best-selling scents in 2021 that are worth checking out since they were ranked by thousands of customers. Then it lists down all scents in the 2021 lineup with their scent profiles. 

1. Whipped Pumpkin Spice – $31

whipped pumpkin spice Yankee Candle Fall

One of Yankee’s best fall candles, whipped pumpkin spice offers a warm creamy milk blend with maple syrup and nutmeg scents and hints of whipped vanilla.  If you could put fall in a jar, this would be it. Enjoy this candle on a brisk fall morning with a warm cup of coffee.

2. Apple Pumpkin – $31

Apple pumpkin Yankee Candle Fall

Apple pumpkin scented candle offers a sweet and spicy fragrance. It offers a vibrant medley of spices with hints of vanilla and caramelized sugar. This candle has a double wick burner too, this gives more fragrance and a satisfying burn. Enjoy this fall Yankee Candle scent whilst relaxing at home.

3. Pumpkin Banana Scone – $31

If you love the scent of perfectly baked ripe bananas, then you’ll love the pumpkin banana scone, another bestseller of Yankee candles. You will enjoy hints of cinnamon and vanilla with this candle. It’s a sweet and refreshing scent that you can enjoy at any time of day, even in a warm bath.

4. Pumpkin Apple Parfait – $31

A fruity fragrance with base notes of vanilla bean and cinnamon. Pumpkin apple parfait offers a layer of spiced pumpkin and fresh apples There is a selection of sizes available with this fall Yankee Candle, but we recommend the large tumbler, so you can enjoy the scent for as long as possible.

5. Pumpkin Patch Treats – $31

pumpkin patch treats Yankee Candle fall

Pumpkin patch treats offer sweet vanilla and spicy clove scent. It’s a small candle, but packs a punch with its scent. If you are feeling in a fall mood, this is the candle for you. It’s also the perfect candle gift for loved ones.

6. Spiced Pumpkin – $31

The smell of baked pumpkin simmered in rich spices and brown sugar is what the spiced pumpkin scent has to offer. There is a selection of different sizes available and even a double wick candle too. This fall Yankee Candle is best enjoyed in the evening when winding down.

7. Autumn Leaves – $31

autumn leaves Yankee Candle

Autumn Leaves offers an exciting mix of maple leaves and birch with notes of blackberry, juniper berry, and rosemary. It’s a great fall scent that can be enjoyed when it’s cold and rainy outside.

8. Balsam & Cedar – $31

balsam and cedar Yankee Candle

Balsam & Cedar gives off an aromatic woody fragrance with notes of warm amber and vanilla. It brings a feeling of being in a remote cabin out by the lake or in the mountains. Perfect to wind down and relax.

9. Crisp Fall Night – $31

crisp fall night Yankee Candle

Crisp Fall Night is a fresh fragrance with earthy notes and hints of lavender and maple leaf. It is the best fall Yankee Candle scent to enjoy outside under fairy lights while sitting with friends.

10. Macintosh – $31

macintosh Yankee Candle

Love the fruity scent of apples? Then you’ll definitely like Macintosh with its apple peel scent and crisp greens. This fresh fragrance will give your home that fall feeling for hours.

11. Warm Luxe Cashmere – $31

warm luxe cashmere Yankee Candle

A candle that offers a creamy and luxurious scent, Warm Luxe Cashmere is a fresh and clean fragrance that brings out a sensuous cashmere feel. You can enjoy this candle in the early morning for a fresh start.

12. Sugared Cinnamon Apple – $31

sugared apple cinnamon Yankee Candle

A fruity scent with hints of apple slices, sugar, and fresh vanilla with nutmeg. This is another sweet scent that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

13. Ciderhouse – $31

ciderhouse Yankee candle

The quintessential autumn harvest, Ciderhouse is a vibrant fragrance of freshly pressed fuji apples. This is a double wick burner with a strong aroma, perfect to enjoy a cold evening in the fall.

14. Dried Lavender & Oak – $31

dried lavender and oak Yankee Candle

Dried Lavender & Oak is a woody fragrance with vanilla, warm amber, and musk aroma. This fall Yankee Candle can be enjoyed with a warm bath in the evening to wind down.

15. Apple Picking – $24.50

apple picking Yankee Candle

Another fruity apple aroma, Apple Picking will give you a glimpse of what a morning trip to the orchard smells like. Again, this is a smaller candle, but it packs a punch.  

16. Crisp Campfire Apples – $31

crisp campfire apples Yankee Candle

A fruity fragrance of freshly picked apples cooked over the fire. This is one of the more popular fall Yankee Candle scents and can be enjoyed at any time of day.

17. Cranberry Chutney – $31

cranberry chutney Yankee Candle

Cranberry Chutney is a fruity and tangy aroma of cranberries with orange zest and raisins. This candle has been popular for customers around Thanksgiving time and is somewhat of a tradition.

18. Cinnamon Stick – $31

cinnamon stick Yankee Candle

A sweet and spicy scent with hints of cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf, and cedarwood. If you love cinnamon, then you are going to love this candle. It’s best enjoyed in the evening when the sun is setting, a perfect way to wind down for the nighttime.

19. Honeycrisp Apple Cider – $31

honeycrisp apple cider Yankee Candle

Honeycrisp Apple cider offers an overall fruity fragrance with hints of honey and a musky base note. This is a sweeter and more vibrant scent than the others, it can be enjoyed at any time of day. It also isn’t available on Amazon, so purchase directly from the Yankee Candle site.

20. Sugar and Spice – $31

sugar and spice yankee candle

If you love the scent of cinnamon and buttery vanilla, then you’ll love Sugar and Spice. The sweeter fall candles are great to leave on throughout the day and enjoy the strong sugary scents.

Final Savings

That concludes the list of the best Yankee Candle scents fall 2021. Hopefully, you have found a candle to get and enjoy for fall. We will be adding another list next year with even more candles to choose from. If you have any to add to the list, comment and let us know. Don’t forget to use Yankee Candle coupons to save on your purchase.

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