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What is a Coupon?

A coupon can be either digital or printed. A printed coupon you will find in a newspaper, magazine, or flyer, and you will be able to hand the coupon into the store for a discount. A digital coupon will give you a code that you enter when you checkout online.


Coupons are ways of getting discounts on your favorite items. When you use a coupon you can save money on individual items, your entire order, get free shipping, receive gifts, and earn cashback rewards. Each coupon will differ from the retailer you shop with.


At Dealorium, we only focus on digital coupons that can provide you the best discounts online with your favorite retailers. We update all of our promo codes regularly to keep the freshest working discounts available for shoppers.


How To Use a Coupon?

1: Find the coupon code you wish to use.

2: Head to the store/brand website.

3: Add eligible items to your cart.

4: When you check out, select the “Enter promo code” box.

5: Enter your coupon and the discount will be applied automatically.

6: If you click a deal rather than a code, the discount will be applied already.


How do I get a coupon code?

You can get a coupon code in a number of ways. The first way to get a coupon is to check the major coupon websites such as Dealorium where the best coupons from the web are available. Another way is to sign up for the company mailing list and check the website.


If you are checking for coupon codes on an actual coupon website, then you should always check the description. Make sure the product you want can be purchased with that coupon. Also, if you cannot find an available coupon for your brand, check back in a couple of days as there likely won’t be any promo codes available.


Signing up to the company mailing list is another great way to get a coupon code. Many companies and brands offer sign-up bonuses which can give you discount codes of up to 25% when you put in your email address. You will also find these types of deals online at Dealorium.


What is the best site for coupons?

All coupon sites are similar, but the best site for coupons would be Dealorium. We manually source our coupons and make sure they expire when they are meant to. This means promo codes that actually work rather than wasting your time when shopping online.


Why do coupon codes never work?

Sometimes coupon codes expire without warning or dates change, which makes them unusable. This can sometimes slip past the major coupon sites, which would mean you have codes that don’t work. This is also an issue with sites where users can add codes.


Where can I get coupons online?

You can get coupons online from major coupon websites, company mailing lists, brand websites, and major deal websites. Coupons are very easy to find, and a quick Google search can find you all the promo codes and deals that you need when shopping online.


Is couponing really worth it?

Couponing is definitely worth it. Using a coupon code is a great way of saving money and if you are good at it, it could save you thousands. If it takes 5 minutes of effort to find a coupon that can save you $200, then we think that couponing is worth it.


Are There Promo Codes for Free Stuff?

Yes, there are often promo codes for free stuff. Many brands offer coupons that will give you free items to encourage you to purchase again. This is particularly popular with beauty, cosmetics, and food companies as people will generally order again if they like it.


What Are The Best Deals?

The best deals are the ones that save you the most money on the products you want. Deals are present all year round and are generally better towards the end of each year. Check regularly at Dealorium to keep up to date with the best deals online.


Do coupons really save money?

Yes, coupons do really save money. Whether you are extreme couponing, using an in-store coupon, or an online promo code, every single one can save you money on your order. You should always try and be clever when using a coupon to save the most money.


What are the benefits of coupons?

The benefits of coupons are that you can save money on your purchases, which can be used for other important things. You might really want a new TV but cannot afford it and with a coupon code, the discount can actually give you the chance to afford the TV.


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