UGGs are more than just footwear to keep your feet warm during cold times, they are a fashion statement that is mostly popular with females. Although, the brand still makes very comfortable footwear for men. But have you ever wondered why are UGGs so expensive?

Most of the time you end up paying expensive prices for the brand name, and the actual clothing isn’t comfortable. Well, that’s not the case when it comes to UGG. You can be assured that you are not only paying for the brand, but the quality is amazing too.

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What’s Special About UGGs?

UGGs are special due to their high-quality materials and comfortable clothing. In particular, the UGG boots are popular all over the world as extremely comfy boots that can be worn indoors and outdoors.

The story of UGG began when Australian surfers needed footwear to warm their feet after coming out of the water. In 1978, the boots debuted in the United States when two Australians came to California to market the boots under the trademark name “UGG”. 

Sheepskin footwear (which is what UGGs is famous for) existed long before the UGG boots became the go-to footwear for surfers in the 70s. In order to keep the shepherds warm, they used sheepskin which was tied around their feet. 

This unique use of sheepskin is what creates so much comfort and warmth for UGG products. Although, they do require extra care when washing and when cleaning to avoid ruining them.

Why Are UGGs So Expensive?

UGGs are expensive due to the double layer of sheepskin material used to make them. In addition to paying for the brand name, you are also investing in high-quality, comfortable footwear.

A standard pair of UGG boots are made with an inner fleece covering and an outer sheepskin leather covering. Their double-shape sheepskin undergoes an intensive process of tanning which is highly needed before cutting the hides into panels, all of which are done by hand. After the hides are cut into panels, they are then hand-stitched to make the boot.

A lot of human labor is required to make one pair of UGG boots, and they only use treated skin to create the boots. 

Are UGGs Worth the Price?

The thing about UGGs is that they strive to only offer premium quality products where comfort and fashion meet. Some people say that you’re paying more for the brand name rather than the product itself, but with UGGs, you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

The Sole Purpose of UGGs

The outer sheepskin leather and the inner layer of fleece are used to keep the feet comfortable both in hot and cold weather. The company is dedicated to using premium quality materials that can last for a long time and create designs that go beyond the trend. 

UGG boots can actually be worn inside as “slippers” and outdoors as “boots”.  They shouldn’t get wet, though, as this can cause the material to be ruined. With the right care, UGG boots can last for up to 20 years.

Final Thoughts

To put it simply, UGG boots are expensive for two main reasons. The first reason is that UGGs only use materials that are high quality and long-lasting. Because UGGs come in contact with pavement directly and bear the whole weight of the person, so they need to make sure that the materials used.

Another reason why UGGs are so expensive is that every step taken, from the raw material down to making the boots, all are human-labor extensive. 

Due to UGGs popularity, it has been targeted by several animal activists and PETA is one of them. Rest assured that no animals were harmed. The company sees to it that they only source their raw materials (sheepskin, suede, leather, wool, cotton, and hemp) from suppliers who comply with UGGs strict ethical sourcing and animal welfare policy, and their environmental footprint to a minimal. 

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