What is Bed Bath & Beyond Plus?

Bed Bath & Beyond Plus is a membership program that provides customers with exclusive deals, extra services, and other perks. It costs $29 for the entire year which is made up for in savings.

If you are reading this article then you are likely on the fence about whether to sign up. Initially, it may seem pointless to pay for something that you might only once, however, if you adjust how you shop then it can actually save you money in the long term.

If you are a regular Bed Bath & Beyond shopper then it makes sense to sign up for the Plus membership program as you will save money throughout the year. Consider these points:

  • Shipping Costs – $5.99 per order
  • Plus Membership – Free shipping

  • Regular order – Full price
  • Plus order – 20% off every purchase

If you only shop there once or twice, consider everything available at Bed Bath & Beyond and whether you purchase that stuff in another store. By doing this you can start purchasing those items at Bed Bath & Beyond, sign up for plus membership, and save money all around. 

Let’s have a look over the information about the Plus membership to help you make a decision. 

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How Much Does Beyond Plus Cost?

A Bed Bath & Beyond Plus membership costs $29 for the entire year and can be canceled at any time. This cost must be weighed against the amount you shop at the store or online plus how much you would save on shipping costs.

$29 for an entire year is not a large amount of money. On one single order, you would save 20% and $5.99 on shipping fees, which will almost make up half of the membership cost. We estimate that it takes 3 orders to get your worth out of the membership. However, this could depend on the amount you spend. If you spend $500+ then you will make it back instantly. 

Is Bed Bath and Beyond Membership Free?

A Bed Bath & Beyond membership is not free. It costs $29 for the entire year to become a member and you get free shipping on every order. You can sign up for MyOffers to get coupons and this is free.

Although the membership program is not free, it comes with many benefits and will save you money in the long-term. If you are a regular shopper then it can be worth your time. Don’t forget you can sometimes apply a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon to your order too.

What is a Beyond Plus Member?

A Beyond Plus member is someone who has signed up to the Plus membership program at Bed Bath & Beyond. It allows them to receive exclusive discounts, 20% off every order, free shipping, and many other perks.

It is simple to sign up to become a Bed Bath & Beyond Plus member. You just need to follow the steps, pay your joining fee, and instantly enjoy the discounts & rewards that come with it. 

How do I Cancel Beyond Plus?

Canceling your Beyond Plus membership is simple. You can either call the customer service team on 1-866-532-6826 or head to the manage membership page, then cancel the account from there.

You do not receive a refund when you cancel your account. However, it doesn’t matter when you cancel, you will still get to enjoy the benefits of being a plus member for the entire year.

If you cancel your account but still want to save money, you should check out the latest Bed Bath & Beyond promo codes which can get you discounts on orders. Learn How to Use Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon Online here.

Benefits of a Bed Bath and Beyond Plus Membership

There are many benefits to the Bed Bath & Beyond Plus membership. These benefits include free shipping on every order, 20% off every order, exclusive discounts on services, and other great perks. 

20% off Every Order

Have you tried to get the popular Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon?

It can be challenging to find a coupon these days. However, as a Beyond+ member, you can receive 20% on every single order you make online and in-store. This benefit alone is a reason to sign up as a member. 

Free Standard Shipping on Every Order

Shipping generally costs $5.99 or is free over $39 at Bed Bath & Beyond. When you sign up for a Plus membership, you will get free standard shipping on every order. It is important to remember that some brands and products may be excluded from this. 

Enjoy 50% off Design Services

If you want to have your home designed by professional interior designers, then Beyond+ is for you. As a member, you will get 50% off these services and can have your house looking incredible for less. It is worth checking out but note that services are priced at $199 for each room. 

Dedicated Service & Exclusive Deals

In addition to all these other perks, Beyond+ members can enjoy a dedicated customer service experience so there is no waiting around for help. You will also receive exclusive discounts, product offers, and sale events before non-members.

When Can I Start Using My Beyond+ Benefits?

Once you complete the Beyond+ registration process (2-minutes) you will receive a confirmation email to your inbox. You will then be able to take advantage of the Beyond+ benefits instantly. 

Does My Beyond+ Membership Auto-Renew?

Yes, the Beyond+ Membership does auto-renew and will charge the card that is left on file. You can turn auto-renew off by talking to customer service or accessing the account online and turning auto-renew off.

Is Beyond Plus Membership Worth it?

The Beyond Plus membership is worth it if you shop more than 3 times a year at Bed Bath & Beyond or place large orders. You save 20% on every order and save $5.99 on shipping costs so it doesn’t take long to get the money back.

We recommend the Beyond+ program for all shoppers due to the 20% off every order benefit. It is unclear how long this will last, so you should take advantage of the discounts while you can. 

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