How to Save Money at Bed Bath & Beyond | The Ultimate Savings Guide

One of the most popular ways to save money at Bed Bath & Beyond is to use the 20% off coupon. However, there are many other ways to enjoy savings when you shop online at your favorite store. Whether you are shopping online or in-store there are plenty of shopping hacks in this list that will get you the best deals on your purchases.

Use the Latest Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons

The best method of saving money online and in-store is to use one of the latest Bed Bath & Beyond promo codes. For in-store coupons, you can obtain these through emails, magazines, newspapers, and pamphlets. Every coupon is different and some will give you free gifts, discounts on bulk buying, and reductions on your overall order.

The best part about Bed Bath & Beyond in-store coupons is the fact that they don’t expire. Well, technically they do as they have an expiry date, however, stores still accept them after they expire. So never throw away a coupon!

If you don’t know how to use the coupons then check out How to Use Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon Online.

Search for Clearance Racks

This one requires a little more effort as you will have to search for individual stores. We promise that it will be worth your time though if you are looking to save money. Bed Bath & Beyond has a number of clearance bins and sections located throughout their stores and each store will be different.

As you search through the store you will find reductions on a number of items including bedding, appliances, furniture, lighting, and smart home devices. There are no specific savings for clearance items but you should always check 2-3 stores if you are looking for something specific.

Get Free Shipping With This In-Store Hack

Not many shoppers know this but you can actually receive free shipping on items that are out of stock when you shop in-store. If you find an item that you really want and it is completely out of stock, just speak to customer service in-store and they will waive the shipping fee and get it sent to your home.

Stockpile the Coupons

We mentioned before that Bed Bath & Beyond coupons do not expire, which means you should stockpile any coupons that you find. Say you clear out an old house and find a coupon from 10 years ago, keep it. The same applies to any other voucher that you find, just keep hold of it until you are ready to use it and you can save hundreds.

Utilize the Bed Bath & Beyond Refund Policy

The Bed Bath & Beyond Refund Policy is one of the most well-known policies in the shopping world and there’s a good reason why. The store will give you an unlimited refund policy on any item. This is extremely generous and is very popular for customers, it should be used with honesty and respect. If you have a product that is 4 years old and it breaks down then take it in-store with your receipt to take advantage of this policy.

Get Discounts on Bulk Gift Cards

Whether you are purchasing for loved ones or just for yourself, you can get discounts on gift cards purchased in bulk. This is sometimes a promotion run by Bed Bath & Beyond but is mainly on gift card websites and inside other stores. The most popular site to save on gift cards is Gift Card Granny.

Use an Online Coupon to Save Money

We covered in-store coupons but if you don’t get the time to shop in-store then using an online Bed Bath & Beyond coupon code is another great way to save money. There are many popular coupon websites including Dealorum, RetailMeNot, Groupon, and Business Insider.

You can find coupons for free shipping, free gifts, discounts on items, and discounts on entire orders. If you can’t find the right discount then check back every day because some coupon websites are updated daily and even hourly.

Get Free Shipping on Your Order

To get free shipping at Bed Bath & Beyond you need to spend $39 or more. If you have expensive items or a group of items to purchase then this should be easy. However, if you only have one item to purchase and can’t make it to the store then you don’t want to pay shipping costs. The best way to get around this is to use a Bed Bath & Beyond free shipping coupon or to wait for a special promotion on the website.

Shop a Major Sale Event

It might seem pointless to wait for the major sale events throughout the year but there really isn’t much time between them. Some sale events will extend for a matter of weeks and there will always be online sale specials. Shop at Bed Bath & Beyond on Black Friday, Labor Day, the 4th of July, Easter, and many other periods throughout the year to save the most money.

Get 20% Off (Text OFFER1 to 239663)

We don’t know how long this Bed Bath & Beyond 20 off coupon will last but it is still working as of this published article. Simply text the number to get your code. 

Join the Mailing List

It’s one of the oldest methods of saving money but shoppers still avoid signing up for emails. Whilst they can get annoying and spammy, they can also save you money. When you sign up to the mailing list you can get exclusive Bed Bath & Beyond deals, coupons, and be the first to know about sale events.

Ask For a Price Match

Found the product you want in Bed Bath & Beyond but it’s $50 more expensive than other stores? Take advantage of the Bed Bath & Beyond price match guarantee and you can get that product for the same price. Normally shoppers would purchase elsewhere but if you consider the refund policy we mentioned earlier, you are best off purchasing at Bed Bath & Beyond.

The price match guarantee will have restrictions that can be found online but in general, the store will match the price of the competitor online and in-store. This usually excludes online marketplaces.

Shop Clearance Items Online

It’s not just in-store that has clearance sections. You can actually find a whole page dedicated to clearance items on the online website. Here you can filter the departments you want to look at and the best thing is you don’t actually have to go from store-to-store searching for deals.

Search for the hottest clearance items.

Sign Up for a Bed Bath & Beyond Registry

If you are starting a registry then you should not skip past the Bed Bath & Beyond registry section. When you sign up online you will usually get sent a bundle of free gifts depending on the occasion. This isn’t really a way to save but who wants to turn down free items? You will find that sometimes stores offer discounts when items are left in the registry after the event date has passed.

Get Free Gift Cards

Bed Bath & Beyond runs free gift card promotions regularly and you should not miss out on them. You might find a deal such as ‘purchase a coffee maker and get a $50 gift card”. This is an excellent way of saving money, especially if you shop at Bed Bath & Beyond regularly. You can always buy in bulk to get more gifts and sell the other items or get a friend to buy.

Use Competitor Coupons

Bed Bath & Beyond does sometimes accept coupons from competitors. There is no specified list for this but your best chance of saving is to take a competitor coupon in-store and ask customer service if they will accept it. You can also ask at the checkout to see if they will accept it. 

Join Beyond+ the Bed Bath & Beyond Membership

Joining the membership program will not be everyone but if you are a regular shopper then it is a great way to save money. Beyond+ costs just $29 per year and comes with a range of great benefits.

Some benefits of Beyond+ include:

  • 20% off EVERY time you shop
  • Free shipping all year
  • 50% off interior design services

It is worth signing up just for the free shipping alone, never mind the 20% off.  Check out Beyond+ at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Combine a Coupon With a Rebate

Rebates are great for saving money at Bed Bath & Beyond. Did you know that you can actually combine a coupon with a rebate? 

Use this method to save money when shopping in-store mainly. You have to look for the rebate tags on the self for the item and then use your coupon at the checkout. This way you can receive money back for the item and money off the item instantly.

Ask For a Price Adjustment 

If you purchase an item at full price and then a week later it goes on sale with $50 off, you would be really disappointed. However, at Bed Bath & Beyond, you can receive a price adjustment if you take the item and your receipt back in store. The company will refund you the difference between the full price and the new sale price. This requires a little effort but is awesome for saving money.

Shop the Latest Deals Online

The Bed Bath & Beyond website constantly has deals and promotions active that can save you money on your favorite items. When you land on the homepage you find a selection of featured deals but if you actually find the deals section, you can search through hundreds of discounted items. 

This is different from the clearance section as you will find discounts on newer products whereas the clearance section is reduced on old stock.

Download the app

When you use the Bed Bath & Beyond app you can access all the latest coupons directly on your smartphone. This is useful if you don’t have any coupons with you as you can sign up instantly to get access on your phone. It is worth remembering that these coupons actually do expire though. So the no-expiry rule does not apply here.

Don’t Forget Manufacturer Coupons

Yes, Bed Bath & Beyond does accept manufacturer coupons that can be combined with other coupons. This is a good way to save when shopping for certain brands and if you shop regularly at Bed Bath & Beyond. You will likely find manufacturer coupons in the mail, on leaflets, in newspapers, and sometimes online.

Get the Bed Bath & Beyond Credit Card

We don’t recommend this for everyone and you should always be aware of your financial situation before signing up for a credit card.

Using the Bed Bath & Beyond credit card is an awesome way to save money. You can get 5% back in rewards, welcome coupons, gift cards, and many other perks and rewards. This is only recommended to people that shop at Bed Bath & Beyond regularly though. You can find out more information about the Bed Bath & Beyond credit card here.

That concludes our shopping hack list on how to save money at Bed Bath & Beyond. If you have any tips to share please contact us and we will update the list. 

This article contains affiliate links. This means we may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from the links in the article.  This article was, however, written with knowledge, research, and a passion for saving money. Published by Dealorium coupons & deals.

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