Black Friday 2020 | Everything You Need to Know

Black Friday is without a doubt one of the biggest shopping events of the year and there is no reason why Black Friday 2020 will be any different.

Every year retail stores prepare for huge sales and slash their prices to compete for the most sales. Black Friday generates billions in revenue and every store wants a piece of the action no matter how big or small. Black Friday generally focuses on the in-store sales but you will also find great deals online too as retailers want to maximize their sales potential. 

From a consumer’s perspective, there is a huge opportunity to save thousands on products. Whether you are a bargain hunter just looking for good deals, you want to upgrade your home decor or want a new TV, there are deals for everyone on Black Friday. Different stores will provide different discounts on items so you will have to shop around for the best deals.

Black Friday 2020 may have restrictions for obvious reasons but there is still no reason why we can’t expect to see some huge discounts. You will be able to find deals on TVsclothesshoesapplianceshome decor, furniture, and more great items. 

What is Black Friday in the USA?

Black Friday is the name given to a major shopping event in the USA that has become used around the globe. Black Friday falls on the first Friday following Thanksgiving in the USA and was created to encourage shopping.

It is reported that since 2005 Black Friday has actually been the busiest shopping day of the year in the USA. Whilst the event started in the United States, the trend soon caught on around the world and you can pretty much find Black Friday sales in every country. 

Since the popularity of this huge shopping event was so high, retailers started to become competitive and so did customers. In the USA in particular, retailers started to open stores as early as midnight on the Friday so that customers could grab their deals instantly. This led to many of the major retailers copying and also opening at midnight. 

Whilst the competition for the retailers is natural and harmless, the competition amongst shoppers is not. There has been widespread controversy about Black Friday shoppers due to their aggressive nature and rudeness when trying to grab deals. Videos circulated the internet and demonstrated how customers would fight with one another over TVs or laptops. 

Despite the negative stigma surrounding Black Friday, which is only limited to certain locations, the event is still the most popular and an excellent chance to save money when you shop.

When is Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday 2020 falls on Friday, November 27th. Many stores will start Black Friday pre-sales the week before and some will run online sales throughout the period. Restrictions may be in place this year for social distancing.

The timing of Black Friday is generally very well received as it is a short amount of time before the Christmas period. So many shoppers like to take advantage of the deals and purchase their Christmas gifts at discounted prices. Equally, it falls just after the Summer period so shoppers can get the best deals on Summer fashion, outdoor furniture, and much more. 

There may be instances where certain retailers try to play on Black Friday at other points in the year. Whilst this is not a trend, it is still an opportunity to save money. For example, QVC offers Black Friday sale events at random times throughout the year to try and increase sales. 

It is best to either sign up to email alerts or check out favorite stores a week or two before Black Friday 2020 to ensure that you know when the deals will start. This way you will not miss out on the best deals.

Why is it called Black Friday?

Information suggests that Black Friday was called that name due to the large amounts of traffic from vehicles and people that followed Thanksgiving. This suggests that it is not really related to shopping but has since become associated with shopping.

The term Black Friday has become known pretty much all over the world. Even in countries that do not speak English, you will see signs for Black Friday sales when the event happens. Whenever someone hears about “Black Friday” they instantly think of shopping and deals. 

Is There Going to be a Black Friday 2020?

Although there might be some restrictions in-store there is still going to be a Black Friday 2020. Major retailers have confirmed they will be opening for sales although times may be restricted and social distancing measures in place.

The best way to check if there is going to be a Black Friday 2020 at your favorite store is to check back to Dealorium nearer the time on our dedicated Black Friday page. Equally, you can sign up to email alerts on the retailers’ website, watch the news, or sign up to Dealorium email alerts. Whichever you choose there are plenty of methods to find out about Black Friday sales.

Retailers want to take advantage of Black Friday and even more so in 2020 so they will make sure that everyone knows about it. Some retailers might just put huge banners outside their stores. So if you want to get the best deals from your favorite store, you should go to the actual store on Black Friday 2020 and check. 

When do Black Friday Deals Start?

Black Friday deals generally start at 12 am on Friday with many retailers opening early. This has become more of a recent trend as retailers compete to get the most sales and open throughout the night. 

Although major retailers now open at midnight for Black Friday, this may be a different story for Black Friday 2020. Due to the worldwide situation happening, retail stores may be following certain restrictive measures that prevent opening times and restrict entry to the store to certain times. For example, Best Buy is currently operating on an appointment-only basis. 

For smaller retailers, you will likely find that Black Friday deals start as soon as the store opens which may be between 7-10 am. Although, Black Friday stores always make the effort to open earlier in order to maximize their sales. Black Friday is a sales event that retailers plan for a year in advance so if you don’t see any deals when the store opens, it is likely there won’t be any Black Friday deals.

For all the Black Friday 2020 deals and information make sure you check back to Dealorium where you can find the most up-to-date information and discounts. 

What Stores Have the Best Black Friday Deals?

It depends on the products you are searching for when it comes to which stores have the best Black Friday deals in 2020. If you are just looking for deals then Target and Walmart might be your best options.

It can be more complicated to pick out the best stores for Black Friday 2020 if you don’t know what products you want to buy. Some customers make a list the year before and wait for Black Friday to come up. If that was the case and a customer wanted a new TV then you could say that Best BuyWalmart, and Target would be best. 

If you don’t know what to purchase then your best option for Black Friday deals is to shop at general stores that stock everything. These would include WalmartTargetTJ Maxx, and JCPenney. You will also benefit from visiting a shopping mall and walking around to search for the best Black Friday deals.

Here are some stores that have the best Black Friday deals:

Will Walmart have Black Friday in 2020?

Walmart will likely still have Black Friday deals but they have confirmed that they will no longer be opening on Thanksgiving like previous years. It is unclear whether there will be Black Friday deals in-store.

Due to the current situation in the world, Black Friday 2020 is a concern for most shoppers and retailers alike. It is very unlikely that stores will not have a Black Friday sale as it is too good of an opportunity to miss out on. Especially as sales have potentially dropped in recent months. Whilst Black Friday 2020 will not be canceled, stores will be operating on restricted services and enforcing social distancing.

For the Walmart Black Friday 2020 event, it is likely that stores will open later than planned, offer limited Black Friday deals in-store, and try to promote more deals online to prevent crowds of shoppers. So you can still expect to see top deals on TVs, laptops, home furniture, beauty items, fashion, and all the usual popular Walmart deals.

You should make sure that you check Dealorium before Black Friday 2020 begins so that you can keep up to date with the latest information and the best promo codes & deals.

Is Black Friday Better Than Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is considered better than Cyber Monday for in-store deals on a variety of items. However, when it comes to electronics and tech deals, Cyber Monday is considered a better sale. 

As Black Friday takes place in-stores, retailers have the freedom to offer discounts on anything and everything. For example, if there was a small item that cost $2 and they wanted to discount it to $1 it would make more sense to do it in-store as they would probably lose money in shipping by selling it online. So when you shop in-store for Black Friday 2020 you can expect to find discounts on high-ticket items and low-ticket items with everything in-between.

Cyber Monday trumps Black Friday when it comes to online sales and in particular for electronics & tech items. You will find that more highly-priced items are on sale for Cyber Monday and customers have the chance to save much more on things like TVs, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and smart home devices. 

If you are the type of person that loves deals then you will not hesitate to shop on both Black Friday 2020 and Cyber Monday 2020. Although, out best tip would be if you see a great deal then don’t pass it up because it could be gone by the end of the day and never come back.

Does Apple have Black Friday sales?

Apple is not well-known for offering coupons, deals, or sale events. However, Apple does generally run a Black Friday promotion that gives customers free gift cards when they purchase select items online.

If you are looking to get your hands on the latest Apple products this Black Friday 2020 then your best option is to actually avoid the Apple store, unless you want to specifically purchase from them. The reason why you should avoid Apple is that you will likely find the best deals at third-party retailers such as Best BuyWalmartAT&T, and other stores that sell Apple products. 

If you do prefer to purchase your Apple products from the online store then you will likely be able to receive a free gift card with your purchase, depending on the Apple Black Friday sale 2020. If there are no good Apple deals this year then you can always shop for refurbished items, use student discount, or wait until next year for better discounts and lower priced items.

If you are looking for the best Apple promo codes and deals then check out this page.

What Are The Best Black Friday Deals

Some of the best Black Friday deals include things such as fashion, furniture items, beauty products, and electronics. You will find that every store offers something unique and the perfect chance to save money,

If you don’t know what you want to purchase for Black Friday 2020 then the list below will give you an idea of some of the most popular items. However, we recommend that you take a look around your house and discuss with your household what products you would benefit from the most and what you all really want. This way you can make a list and know exactly where to shop to get the best deals on what you want. If not you might miss out, Black Friday only lasts for 1-day after all.

There will be thousands of deals to choose from and we have tried to break it down as much as possible to give you the best idea on what to save money on this Black Friday 2020.

Take a look at these best Black Friday deals:

Home Decor & Furniture

Whether it is summer furniture that is on clearance or indoor decor that you have always wanted, Black Friday never disappoints when it comes to home decor & furniture deals. You might be looking to redecorate your house and give certain rooms and uplift that they have needed for years or perhaps you have moved house. Whichever situation you are in, Black Friday is a better time than ever to purchase items for your home.

Check out home decor and furniture deals at these stores:

Fashion & Beauty Items

Fashion & beauty deals are some of the most popular when it comes to Black Friday. All the major stores and even the smaller stores offer deals on clothes and beauty items. You will find stores such as JCPenney offering Black Friday coupons that will save you money, Kohl’s offering discounts on fashion, and even stores such as SkinStore and LookFantastic for beauty.

Check out these stores for Black Friday Fashion & Beauty Deals:

Smart TVs

TVs are probably one of the most sought after products when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You will find all the major retailers that sell electronics offering huge deals on TVs. The reason for this is that TVs are a technology that is updated much more frequently than other items. Therefore older models become less desired very quickly so stores are better off selling them with huge discounts. That is great news for shoppers in need of a TV upgrade.

These stores often have the best TV discounts on Black Friday:

Laptops & Computers

Whether you are a student looking for a new laptop, an avid gamer looking for the latest high-spec system, or you are now working from home, Black Friday is the best time to purchase laptops and computers. Whilst Cyber Monday has amazing deals on these items, Black Friday does not disappoint. You will find great deals on notebooks, laptops, desktops, gaming PCs, monitors, and much more when you shop in-store for these items.

Get the best laptop & computer Black Friday deals at these stores:

Who has the best deals on Black Friday?

As some statistics may show, the online store Belk has the best deals on Black Friday. However, popular stores amongst customers include Walmart, TargetBest Buy, and Amazon.

You will find that the biggest retailers will offer the best Black Friday deals as they try to stay competitive and get the most sales. A small chain of stores would not be able to compete on that level so would not generally offer better deals on items that larger retailers would.

We have already mentioned some of the best stores to purchase from but it again depends on what you are looking for. For tech products, you will be best off shopping at Best Buy or Walmart. If you are looking for beauty discounts then LookFantastic or SkinStore would be best. Or if you are looking for deals on home decor then Bed Bath & Beyond might be the better choice. 

Every store will have its own unique discounts that will appeal to different customers. That’s what makes shopping on Black Friday a fun experience. You never know what you are going to find with the in-store sales.

What is the Best Thing to Buy on Black Friday?

Some of the best products to buy on Black Friday 2020 include fashion items, home decor, smart home devices, and beauty items. These are the most popular categories amongst customers.

As we already detailed in the article, you will be able to find deals on all of these items at major retailers. Many people choose to shop online where there will be limited Black Friday deals compared to Cyber Monday. But if you choose to shop in-store there will be no limits to the deals you can find. You will be able to save money on clothesshoesaccessories, designer home itemsjewelryfragrancesmakeup sets, and more great items.

Black Friday 2020 is one to look out for and we expect to see some HUGE discounts on popular items. Be sure to keep checking Dealorium to get the best discounts on your favorite items at popular retailers. 

Also, don’t forget about Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday 2020 | Everything You Need to Know

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