Cyber Monday 2020 | Everything You Need to Know

Once Black Friday ends, the most popular online shopping event of the year commences –  Cyber Monday 2020. At this event, you can save thousands and its not one to be missed.

It doesn’t matter where you are from in the world, everyone loves a bargain. You would think that Black Friday provides enough chances to save money but that is just the beginning. Cyber Monday basically extends the Black Friday deals and gives customers the chance to save on electronics, fashion, furniture, and other great items from top brands.

Cyber Monday 2020 is going to be a huge year for deals and its just what everyone needs. With major brands such as Sony releasing the PlayStation 5, Microsoft releasing the Xbox Series S, and Apple releasing the iPhone 12 range, you can be sure to find some good tech deals this Cyber Monday. 

Generally, brands slash the prices on previous ranges and models when they release new updates so the fact that major releases are happening in Q4, is a great sign for Bargain hunters.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the first Monday that succeeds Thanksgiving in the USA. It is a major day for online retailers to provide deals & discounts and sell off old products. It is also referred to as “Blue Monday” by some people.

Cyber Monday started in 2005 and has since spread across the world and expanded every year. Whilst originally the event was designed to happen on the Monday, most retailers now extend their Cyber Monday sales over a week. This is because the period of time between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is when companies make the most sales/profits. 

During this time, companies often spend thousands to millions of dollars on marketing campaigns to get ahead of the competition. Some companies such as “Amazon” are renowned for their Cyber Monday deals and would still generate millions regardless of their marketing efforts. 

In 2019, Cyber Monday generated an estimated $9.1 billion in revenue which was a 26% increase in previous years. With many customers turning to e-commerce this year, those figures are expected to grow exponentially. Whilst Cyber Monday was started for online retailers, many brick & mortar locations play on Cyber Monday in-store to continue offering deals and compete with larger online retailers.

When is Cyber Monday?

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Cyber Monday is on November 30th, 2020, and falls on the first Monday after Black Friday. Although this is the actual Cyber Monday deal, most stores extend their sales and deals for up to 2 weeks following this date.

As Cyber Monday is generally focused on the online portion of sales, customers can make purchases anywhere and at anytime. That being said, people often miss out on deals due to being caught up with work and other various tasks. That is why many brands extend their Cyber Monday sales throughout the week. 

You might also find that some stores start their Pre-Cyber Monday sales online on Saturday before the actual Cyber Monday. In order to get the best deals possible, you should aim to start checking for deals immediately on the Saturday before Cyber Monday 2020.

What is so Great About Cyber Monday?

There are many things great about Cyber Monday. It gives customers the chance to make purchases from anywhere in the world without missing out on Black Friday deals in-store. It also allows people to save thousands of dollars on items.

For customers, Cyber Monday can be a great relief and opportunity for deals. On Black Friday many people have family commitments, work commitments, or simply don’t want to face the hassle of shopping in-store and battling with other customers for a $20 discount. Cyber Monday gives customers the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars online from their smartphone or computer whilst sitting at home. They can even set alerts for their favorite stores so when deals go live they are notified instantly.

Whilst we cannot confirm whether it is true or false, Cyber Monday has been rumored to offer better discounts than Black Friday. Customers have found huge discounts on smart TVs, home decor, smart home devices, smartphones, and laptops. So it can definitely be worth checking out the latest Cyber Monday 2020 deals in November. 

If another reason was needed to justify why Cyber Monday is so great, it would be the savings for gifts. Cyber Monday falls just before the Christmas holiday season and can allow people to save hundreds on Christmas gifts for loved ones. Instead of spending full retail price for gifts, do your Christmas shopping earlier and save hundreds of bucks.

When Do Cyber Monday Deals Start?

Cyber Monday deals can start as early as the Saturday before but the main deals start on the Monday. Equally, Cyber Monday deals end when the retailer decides and could go on for weeks. Bookmark your favorite stores to stay up to date.

If you are an avid deal hunter and want to make the most out of your Cyber Monday shopping then you will want to bookmark your favorite stores and do some research. By bookmarking your top stores you can have a pre-loaded list of stores that take you straight to their website or even their deals page. This helps to shop with ease on Cyber Monday 2020.

Research is also important for those hunting for the best deals. There are thousands of websites out there that dedicate themselves to Cyber Monday deals. Some focus only on Cyber Monday and others are tech blogs, home decor blogs, and media websites. You should spend a few days leading up to Cyber Monday researching these websites for tips and tricks on how to get the best deals.

These pointers are relevant to when Cyber Monday deals start because you may find that some deals only last for 1 day or even 1 hour. So it is best to be prepared, especially if you know the items you want to purchase.

How Long Does Cyber Monday Last?

Cyber Monday usually only lasts for one day for the major brands and retailers. Although companies are known for offering pre-sales and extending deals for longer.

As already mentioned in this article, many companies want to take full advantage of the profits and sales on Cyber Monday; therefore they generally start the deals a little bit earlier and will extend them throughout the week. Whilst the actual Cyber Monday event is considered to be one day, companies still play on these extended sales as “Cyber Monday” sales.

This means that customers will have more of an opportunity to grab some Cyber Monday 2020 deals throughout the week if they miss the actual Monday deals. Although, we have found that the deals offered following the actual Monday are slightly less attractive than if you were to shop on Cyber Monday itself. 

So overall we recommend that you keep your Cyber Monday 2020 shopping to the actual Cyber Monday date of November 30th and enjoy the best deals from your favorite brands & retailers.

Are Black Friday Deals Better Than Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is considered to be better than Cyber Monday for higher-priced items and in-store sales. Whereas Cyber Monday is known as being better for tech items and online purchases. 

It really depends on what you are looking to purchase at these huge sales events. If you are just hunting for random deals then it really doesn’t matter which day you shop. If you know exactly what you want, then you should consider each day differently. For example, if you want to purchase a new washer & dryer combo then you might find the best deals shopping on Black Friday 2020. If you were looking to purchase a new tablet or smartwatch, you might find that the better deals are available on Cyber Monday 2020.

It can be very difficult to assess the better deals and sales because once Black Friday is over, those deals will not be coming back and the new ones start on Cyber Monday. So if you think that you have found the perfect deal for you on Black Friday, don’t wait until Cyber Monday because you might end up missing out on the best deals.

What is the Best Thing to Buy on Cyber Monday?

Generally, it is reported that technology products are the best things to buy on Cyber Monday. This may be true but you can also save big on fashion and home decor items with the latest deals.

We will go back to the point we mentioned before and say that it really depends on what you are looking to buy as to what the best thing to buy on Cyber Monday 2020 is. If you are just looking to spend money and get the best deals then we have created a short list of exciting deals you are likely to find and where you can find them.

Obviously, the whole idea of shopping on Cyber Monday 2020 is to save as much money as possible on your purchases. Now you won’t find any brand new items that are on sale for Cyber Monday, for example, the iPhone 12 might be released just before the sale event, but it wouldn’t make sense for companies to slash the prices on those items as they would probably lose money.

So here are some of the best things to buy on Cyber Monday 2020


Believe it not, fashion is a big seller at Cyber Monday events. Many major retailers try to sell their Summer stock and older items from previous years. This gives shoppers the opportunity to literally save thousands, depending on how many clothes they buy. It is likely that you will find the best deals on dresses, tops, summer outfits, swimwear, designer fashion, and more. You can shop for Cyber Monday fashion at the following stores:


Whether TVs are purchased on Cyber Monday or Black Friday, there is no denying that they are one of the best products to buy at these sale events. TVs generally get updated 4 times a year with new technologies and features, therefore it is only natural that people want to update them with a new one every year. With hundreds of brands to choose from and many different retailers offering good deals, you don’t have to look far. Here are some of the best stores to buy TVs from Cyber Monday 2020:

Video Games & Consoles

The video games industry is huge and there are always new items to purchase every year. However, 2020 is going to be a huge year for video games. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series models are coming out in November 2020. Now you won’t get deals on these new consoles or games as they are new releases. But what it does mean is that you are likely to get some of the best deals on other consoles and games. Here are some of the best places to shop for video game deals this Cyber Monday:

Smart Home Devices

The smart era has taken over and you can guarantee to find a selection of smart home devices in everyone’s home. Whether it’s the Amazon Alexa, Google Hub, Google Nest, smart light bubbles, and other items, you can be sure to find some awesome deals on Cyber Monday 2020. It is worth purchasing tech items like these on Cyber Monday as they generally provide the best deals all year round. Here are some stores you can purchase smart home devices from:

Laptops & Computers

Another huge seller for the Cyber Monday event is laptops and computers. This is another tech product that is constantly advancing with new models & features. Not only do customers want them but businesses too. So Cyber Monday 2020 is a huge opportunity to save big on computing. You can find top deals on gaming computers, personal laptops, notebooks, Chromebooks, tower PCs, custom PC builds, servers, and accessories online. Take a look at some of the best stores to shop this Cyber Monday:

What is Amazon Cyber Monday?

One Amazon black gift card and one Amazon White Gift card for $50

The Amazon Cyber Monday event is a huge online sales event where customers can save on thousands of items across the online marketplace. Deals sometimes last for a week following Cyber Monday. 

There’s no doubt that Amazon has one of the best Cyber Monday events online. They are well-known for offering huge discounts on every item you can imagine. These deals are often cycled through various time slots throughout the day so that every time you return to the site, you can find different deals.

With Amazon Cyber Monday, you can save hundreds of dollars on items including electric toothbrushes, fashion items, TVs, kitchen appliances, smart home items, and much more. Amazon generally sees a huge portion of the sales on Cyber Monday and 2020 shouldn’t be any different, especially now everything is focusing on online shopping.

What Stores will Have Cyber Monday Deals?

There can be thousands of stores that have Cyber Monday deals 2020. Some of the major stores for Cyber Monday deals include Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. This is from past sales and deals.

As we mentioned, nearly every store participates in Cyber Monday sales as it is a huge opportunity to attract customers and increase sales. You will find that even the smallest e-commerce stores offer Cyber Monday deals 2020. This means there will be thousands of deals for you to find across the internet when these large sale events arise.

We created a short list of stores that will have Cyber Monday deals in 2020:

There you have it. Cyber Monday 2020. We think that this year’s event is going to be huge and offer some of the biggest discounts we have ever seen. You need to make sure that you check back at Dealorium or sign up to the mailing list so that you can get the best Cyber Monday coupons and deals. 



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