9 ULTA Beauty Hacks | The ULTAmate Way to Save Money

No matter what happens in the world, a girl needs her beauty products. Some products and specific brands can come with quite a heavy price tag which is not ideal. But little do shoppers know that there is actually a selection of ULTA beauty hacks that can save you money when you purchase items online. 

Whether it’s saving money on shipping, getting free samples, or getting 2 for 1 deals, there are always different ways to save on your must-have beauty products. At Dealorium, we specialize in money-saving and shopping hacks, so you can be sure that by following these hacks, you will save money. 

What is ULTA?

Ulta specilializes in cosmetics, fragrances, skincare, and all things beauty. You can shop for popular makeup palettes, lipsticks, trending fragrances, hand care, and many more great items.  For some, ULTA is their go-to shop for beauty products and has everything they need. 

9 ULTA Beauty Hacks

ULTA Hack #1 The Beauty Tips

Before we get too serious about money-saving, knowing about the beauty tips offered at ULTA, is like a free bonus in itself. The Beauty Tips section will help you find the right products to purchase and guide you in using them. You can take the beauty quiz there to know more about makeup, skincare, and haircare.

When you know the right product that will surely work for you, you can purchase the item knowing you will get full use out of it. Buying based on impulse and product attraction will not give you the benefit that you expected. It’ll just be a waste, and a purchase that you will regret.

ULTA Hack #2 Shop at Rakuten

If you haven’t heard of Rakuten, then you should take a look now. Here you will find thousands if not, more, discounted products from major brands. As you would expect, this also includes products from ULTA. It is definitely worth heading over and taking a look at not only the ULTA products but other beauty brands too.

ULTA Hack #3 All In One Products FTW

Those of you that follow your beauty regime like a military operation will appreciate this ULTA Hack. Let’s say you want to take care of your face. It’s not just one product you need to purchase. You have to purchase, scrubs, cleansers, face wash, serums, moisturizers, and many other items. The cost of buying all of these can add up. 

That’s why you need to purchase an All-in-One product. Look for those creams that do it all, look for face washes that are an exfoliant, a scrub, and a wash in one. Just make sure you shop around and read the descriptions to make sure you get the best items.

ULTA Hack #4 Get the Free Gifts

Who doesn’t love a free gift? Many beauty brands online will offer free gifts with purchases and ULTA is no exception. You can check out the current promotions online and discover which of the products are offering a free gift when you purchase them. These free gifts could include sample sets, a free lipstick, a mini fragrance, and much more.

ULTA Hack #5 Enjoy Rewards

Join the ULTA Reward Program to add up rewards over time and save money. With this reward program, you can earn points for the dollars that you spend. You can earn 2 points for every dollar when you purchase from ULTA and earn 1 point for every $3 on purchases outside of ULTA. These points can be added up over time and then be redeemed to enjoy discounts on future purchases.

ULTA Hack #6 Use Promo Codes

The main way to save money online and another ULTA beauty hack, is to use an ULTA coupon code. You can find these codes on popular coupon websites, on the ULTA website, through mailing lists, and sometimes in magazines. A promo code can give you discounts on purchases, free shipping, free gifts, and more. 

ULTA Hack #7 Grab You Birthday Freebies

Do you want an extra gift for your birthday? Register online for the  ULTA reward program and when it’s your birthday, they will send you a coupon code to use or a free birthday gift. Each month will have a different gift so be sure to check online, or just wait and see if you like surprises. If that’s not enough for you, you can also receive 2 reward points for every dollar spent on your birthday. 

Be aware that you cannot combine your birthday coupon with a regular coupon and it cannot be applied to previous purchases.

ULTA Hack #8 Be Aware of Shipping Fees

Being aware of shipping fees seems like the most basic of ULTA beauty hacks, but you will be surprised how many people ignore it. The problem is, people say “it’s only $5.99 once” but then end up ordering another 20 times that year. What makes more sense, stock up on your items and meet the minimum free shipping amount. This way you don’t pay for shipping and don’t need repeat orders.

ULTA Hack #9 Shop the 21-Days of Beauty

A 21-day period where you can get the best deals, highest discounts, and a range of free items. This is a beauty lover’s heaven and should not be missed. This event takes place at varied months throughout the year and a quick Google search will tell you when it is. We definitely recommend shopping at this event to save money though.

Do you have an ULTA beauty hack to add to the list? Let us know and help others save money!

Written on April 18, 2021 in Beauty by Dealorium

9 ULTA Beauty Hacks | The ULTAmate Way to Save Money

No matter what happens in the world, a girl needs her beauty products. Some products and specific brands can…
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