What Is the Difference Between Peacock Premium and Plus?

If you are considering signing up to Peacock TV but can’t decide which plan to choose, we have you covered. It can be a difficult choice choosing something to pay for monthly, thankfully, Peacock doesn’t lock you in, so you can upgrade/downgrade your plan at any time. However, if you are wondering what is the difference between Peacock Premium and Premium Plus? We will cover that in this article.

Just in case you weren’t aware, Peacock TV is an online streaming service where you can enjoy your favorite TV shows, live sports, and movies. They have 3 pricing plans, including a free option, then Premium and Plus which we will cover.

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What Is the Difference Between Peacock Premium and Premium Plus?

There are 3 differences between Peacock Premium and Premium Plus; the price, ads that are shown, and the ability to watch offline. The upgrade from Premium to Plus can improve your viewing experience and allow you to enjoy your favorite shows from anywhere.

Let’s have a look at the 3 key differences:

1. Price

  • Peacock Premium – $4.99/Mo.
  • Peacock Plus – $9.99/Mo.

There is a $5 price hike when you pick the Peacock Plus plan. This is also a monthly price increase, so you will end up paying $119.88 extra for the year if you pick the Plus plan. 

If you want to try and save money on one of the plans, try using a Peacock TV promo code to save. You can also check with your internet, cable, and phone provider to see if they have any active deals with Peacock. 

Another way to consider saving is to upgrade and downgrade your plan. As the plans stay in effect on a rolling month, you can drop Peacock Plus if you go on vacation or won’t watch it much over the month, then pick it back up again when you are ready. This would save you $5-$10 here and there.

2. Ads

The main noticeable difference between Peacock Premium and Premium Plus is ads. When you choose the Plus plan, you get to enjoy content without being interrupted by ads. This is one of the many reasons that people opt for the Plus plan.

However, you should note that some shows will still show ads on the Plus plan, this is due to streaming rights. But it won’t be anywhere near as many ads that you get on the Premium plan.

3. Download & Watch Offline 

Finally, the last difference between Peacock Premium and Plus is the ability to download shows and watch offline. If you travel often or want to watch shows when out and about (not consuming data) then this is a great option for you. 

The Plus plan allows you to download your favorite shows/movies to the device, and then watch them back anytime you want on that same device. If you don’t watch shows while you are on the go or when you travel, then you should stick to Premium (if you don’t mind ads like the one below).

Should You Upgrade to Peacock Plus?

If you want to watch shows without ads and have the ability to download and watch offline, then you should upgrade to Peacock Plus. If you find that you don’t like the Plus plan, you can always downgrade to Premium again or even the free plan.

Should You Downgrade to Peacock Premium?

If you don’t watch shows often, aren’t downloading programs, or watching offline, it would make sense to downgrade your plan to Peacock Premium. The only reason to stay on the Plus plan is if you don’t want to be interrupted by ads.

Consider the Costs

When you are considering which plan to choose, you should consider how much you can afford to pay each month and the benefits you get out of it. $9.99/Mo. Doesn’t seem like much, but it can go a long way if you are on a tight budget. If you can afford it, we highly recommend the Plus plan!

Quick Summary – What you get for an extra $5/Mo.

For $9.99/Mo. You get an experience with no ads and the ability to download shows and watch them offline. 

Final Savings

So what is the difference between Peacock Premium and Plus? The main difference is the price, which is $9.99/Mo. compared to $4.99/Mo. It gives you an ad-free experience with the ability to download and watch offline.

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