Couponing for Beginners

First of all, what is a coupon?

A coupon is a discount voucher that can help you save money on your purchases or give you a free gift. This couponing for beginners’ guide will tell you all about what coupons are.

Have you watched the TV show Extreme Couponing? That show actually made us realize that coupons can help us save tons of money when done right. We all know that we’d have to stretch our budgets as much as possible to make ends meet.

You may say that couponing is hard or you won’t save that much money. However, with the right way of couponing, you’d actually be able to save more. Hundreds or maybe thousands of money every year! So, take note of this coupon 101 and learn with us.

Let’s learn more about the types of coupons and how to use it.

Types of Coupon

Manufacturer coupons are coupons made by the product’s manufacturer. Normally, these can be used for that manufacturer’s product only. You could still combine this with other coupons if allowed. More coupons, the better, right?

A store coupon on the other hand is a coupon made by the stores. Stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreen, and a lot more have this kind of coupon. Store coupons can be used to eligible products no matter what brand.

Online Promo Codes are codes that can be used when you shop online. They are generally applied to the checkout and will give you a percentage off your order. You will also find student discount codes and free shipping coupons.

The type of coupon is indicated at the top of the printed coupon you have.

After knowing the types, you might ask “Where do I find coupons?”

How to Find Coupons

There are three ways of finding coupons. These are inserted coupons, printable coupons, and mobile coupons.

Obviously the best place to find coupons is Dealorium.

You can find insert coupons on newspapers, magazines, or newsletters delivered to your home. You could actually buy magazines with insert coupons! Check out dollar stores nearby. Don’t forget to open it in the store to make sure that the coupon is there.

Various coupon websites have printable coupons that we can use. Just set up your printer, print it out and you’re good to go! Printed coupons don’t need to be colored. Black and white will be fine. Make sure that it’s printed well as the stores are scanning the bar codes.

What are mobile coupons then? Mobile coupons are those special offers you receive via SMS. These are normally given to those with loyalty rewards. The store or the manufacturer will text an exclusive code for you that you can use either online or in their physical stores.

Then there are online promo codes. These are codes that you will find on company websites and other major coupon websites. You can use that code to shop online and when you apply it to your cart, you will get a discount on your order.

You may say that now you’re ready. So how will you start stocking up coupons?

How Can I Save with Coupons?

We always don’t have to rely on coupons we receive in our mailbox, or online. Reach out to your friends or relatives that don’t use coupons that much. With that, you’ll have more coupons to use for your purchases and you’d save a lot. But remember all coupons have their respective expiration dates. Always check before using it.

Next, find deals online or stores nearby. Check out different stores where you can use a lot of coupons in one purchase. See the below example when using coupons.

For example, you’re purchasing a certain brand of diapers good for one month.

The diaper costs $50.00.

Diaper – $50.00

Less: Manufacturer coupon – $2.00

         Coupon – $ 1.50

         Store sale – $2.00

         Store loyalty rewards – $1.00

Total – $ 43.50

See? This is just an example of how much you can save from using coupons.

Imagine saving that much money every month, you can buy new clothing or put it on your savings account. It would be a great help in budgeting.

Obviously if we were looking more into online coupons, the savings would be much more. You would consider 20% as a reasonable discount with an online coupon.

So what do you think? Are you going to try couponing?

Go out and try out couponing to save more money that you can use for other important needs.

For a more in-depth explanation on coupons, check out this video.



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