10 Stores With The Best Return Policy

A good return policy is essential when you shop. Shopping online or at the stores can sometimes be nerve-racking. You just want to buy anything you like even if you don’t need it.

We have all been there. You order or purchase a product and once you come home or it gets delivered, you realize that there’s no place for it. Maybe you don’t like it anymore. There are also some clothes that look good on you in the fitting room but suddenly not so good when you try them at home.

Then the question of “Should I return it?” comes to mind.

Some stores might actually not allow you to return items as they have strict policies. As a consumer, it is your right to be able to return items but some stores are stricter than others. Fortunately, COVID-19 has encouraged some stores to offer extended return policies to help people shop online in this difficult time.

In this article, we will tell you some stores with the best return policies. Some will allow you to return anything with no questions asked and some will require a simple printing label, but let’s get through the list.

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1. Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body works is a very popular store and sells items including candles, body care items, and bath essentials. They have very affordable prices and high-quality products which you can save on with a Bath & Body Works coupon code.

Bath & Body Works has one of the best return policies. Do you know that they allow returning of products any time for any reason! You thought that the smell of your new perfume doesn’t suit your wardrobe? Return it. That is 100% guaranteed. Isn’t that a sweet deal?

If you don’t believe us then check out their returns policy here.

They also offer exchanges on items too.

2. Ikea

Ikea is a Swedish home and furniture company popular in many countries all over the world. They make it easy to construct furniture at affordable prices.

Do you know that Ikea allows customers to return products for up to 365 days when not satisfied?

Yes, you heard that right. Ikea provides a full refund if the product is in an unused condition and with the original receipt. So better save that receipt and not throw that away! The only exception to the 365-day rule is their mattresses. They’d allow returns for up to 90 days only.

Already assembled the product? Don’t worry you still qualify for the return if the item is unused.

Check out the return policy here.

3. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is one of the largest department stores in the USA and is a very popular choice with consumers. You can shop there for high-quality fashion, home decor, kitchen items, and much more. Check out the latest Kohl’s promo codes to save money on your online orders.

With Kohl’s, they allow up to 180 days in returning a product. Please note that premium electronics has a 30-day period only! 

Don’t have a receipt? Kohl’s can search for your receipt using their system. If you have no receipt, you can still return it as a non-receipted return. However, the refund will be in the form of a Kohl’s merchandise credit with a set amount only.

You can check out the Kohl’s return policy here.

4. Target

Target is the 8th largest retailer in the USA and has a variety of great products available online. You can shop with a Target coupon and save money on electronics, furniture, groceries, home items, and much more.

Target allows the returning of most unopened products within 90 days. Target is proud of its products and they would allow you to return it within a year with a receipt.

They also allow you to return most beauty products within 90 days, and within 180 days if purchased using Target RedCard.

There are more benefits if you become a Target RedCard member.

Check out the Target returns policy here.

5. JCPenney

JCPenney is one of America’s favorite department stores. You can shop for beauty essentials, fashion items, kitchen appliances, jewelry, and more amazing items at this store. Head online with the latest JCPenney coupons from Dealorium and you can save money on your items or get free shipping.

JCPenny allows Fine Jewelry and Watches to be returned within 60 days. Don’t have a receipt? JCPenny allows products to be returned within 45 days. Some rules and restrictions will still apply to their return policies.

You can find out more about the JCPenney return policy here.

6. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond has a great selection of items online and in-store. You can save money on furniture essentials, kitchen appliances, patio sets, and home decor when you shop with a Bed Bath & Beyond promo code. 

Bed, Bath & Beyond has an easy exchange and returns policy. They allow returning of products up to 180 days with the official receipt unless it is included on their exceptions! You can return opened air mattresses and have it exchanged if bought within 90 days. Isn’t that nice? You can also return one without the receipt, just make sure it was purchased within 1 year.

Check out the Bed Bath & Beyond return policy here.

7. Home Depot

Many people shop at Home Depot for their DIY and gardening needs. It may seem strange to have a store like this on stores with the best return policy list, but they have a great policy. Make sure you check out the latest Home Depot coupons in order to save money when you shop there.

Do you know that most new and unopened Home Depot products can be returned within 180 days with the original receipt? Yes, that’s correct! Cannot return the product in-store? You can also try returning it via online schedule but exceptions would still apply.

Check out the latest return policy here.

8. Lowe’s

Lowe’s specializes in home improvement products and has a selection of fantastic items available in-store and online. Many people shop here when they have just purchased a house, moved to a new house, or want to renovate an existing property.

Are you not satisfied with your Lowe’s purchase? You can return it within 90 days with proof of purchase. Exceptions will still apply for some products! Lost the receipt? Fear not as they can retrieve it using the credit card details, checking account number, MyLowe’s card, or by your phone number.

Take a look at the Lowe’s return policy here.

9. Sephora

Sephora is a desired brand for beauty enthusiasts. Shopping with a Sephora coupon can save you money on the latest makeup essentials, fragrances, and more top brand beauty items.

Tried the makeup you bought for the first time at home but not satisfied? You can return the product as long as it is unused or “gently” used within 60 days from the date of purchase. You can return it for free without a return shipping or handling fee. Sephora is awesome!

Check out the Sephora return policy here.

10. Staples

At Staples, you can purchase office supplies, stationery, and electronics. Similar to Office Depot, you can use a Staples coupon to save money on laptops, desks, paper supplies, printers, and more great items.

When you buy a product in Staples, remember to not throw away the original packaging so you can return the product when you’re not satisfied. You can return it within 30 days from the date of purchase. Products like computers, tablets, and cellphones should be returned within 14 days though!

Check out the Staples return policy here.

Now that we know some of the stores with the best return policy, how about purchasing some products and saving money using coupons at Dealorium? You can return the product if you are not satisfied! Just keep an eye on the exceptions and shop with confidence.



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