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Best Buy is the number one store for electronics in the US and is actually reasonably priced for the products they sell. However, that doesn’t mean shoppers can’t save money when shopping at Best Buy.

In today’s world we are surrounded by technology and frequently see new must-have gadgets, smartphones, and even appliances on the market. This leads to more spending on electronics and tech items because they have become integral to our daily lives.

Whether you are on a budget, love to purchase the latest tech, or just want to know how to save money at Best Buy, this list will give you the best money-saving tips the next time you shop.

Use a Best Buy Promo Code for Discounts

The most obvious way to save money is to use an online coupon from one of the major websites. Some of the best coupon websites include Retail Me Not, Groupon, and Business Insider. 

If you head to one of these coupon websites and search for Best Buy or even just type Best Buy coupons into Google, you will receive a selection of results. You will often find coupons that give you free shipping, discounts on individual items, reductions on your entire order, and sometimes free rewards.

You can also install one of the coupon extensions that will apply discounts automatically when you shop but we prefer searching for individual coupon codes. 

Don’t forget to check for your Best Buy promo codes before you shop so that you don’t waste time adding products that do not qualify to be used with a coupon. 

Shop the Best Buy Black Friday Sales to Save Money

What better way to save than to shop the biggest sale event of the year. The Best Buy Black Friday sales happen every year and usually start a week early, following through to Cyber Monday week.

The best way of finding Best Buy deals when Black Friday comes around is to check directly on their website. You can also check other coupon websites as mentioned above because they generally collate all the best Black Friday coupons & deals. 

If you sign up to the Best Buy mailing list you will be notified as soon as the Black Friday previews are available. This will give you time to plan what you want to purchase when the actual event comes around. If you don’t know what you want to purchase then just check out the previews and the actual sales to see what deals you can get.

In general we have noticed that in-store deals are slightly better than those found online. However, this could depend on location, brand, product, and many other factors.

Shop the Other Major Sale Events of the Year

clothing store with discount signs on top

It’s not just Black Friday that offers the best deals, every year we see major sale events such as Cyber Monday, Labor Day, Singles Day, and 4th of July. 

Best Buy usually jump on board these events and have sale events in-store and online. Here you will find great discounts on TVs, laptops, refrigerators, tablets, drones, smartphones, and more great tech. 

Black Friday is often the event that offers the best deals. This is because they have bigger discounts, longer sale periods, and it is well-known to everyone. Other sale events mentioned above may only last for one-day, apply to certain product ranges, and offer lower discounts.

Nevertheless, it is still an awesome way to save money at Best Buy online and in-store.

Save With Best Buy Deal of the Day

The Best Buy deal of the day isn’t exactly one deal but a handful of great deals that can save you money on a different product every day.

Discounts vary with the deal of the day but you can still save big on popular products. We monitored different products and noticed that there is usually one main deal and then a handful of other deals updated everyday.

This method of saving might not work if you have a particular product in mind as the product you want might not appear for months. If you are not in a rush to purchase a product though, we recommend waiting for the deal of the day opportunity!

Here are some recent deals we have seen:

  • TVs from $69.99
  • $150 off Arlo products
  • $300 off laptops
  • $100 off Dyson Vacuums

Join the Mailing List for Exclusive Deals

We get that emails can become annoying, especially when you sign up for hundreds, but emails are often the first place you will find deals on products.

To sign up to the Best Buy mailing list, just go to any page on their website, scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter your email in the promotion box. Once signed up you will receive regular emails with updates, sale events, deals, and promo codes. 

It is also worth signing up for the mailing list on coupon websites too. You might not receive emails about Best Buy coupons every day, but being a major store in the US, they do appear regularly. 

A top tip: If you only have one email account, create a new one just for promotional emails. This way you can keep your personal emails separate from the “spam” emails. 

Take Advantage of Best Buy Price Match Guarantee

This method of saving at Best Buy is best if you only want to purchase at Best Buy. For example, if you are collecting reward points, are currently in-store, or prefer their returns policy. If you don’t care where you purchase the product, then skip past this one!

A price match guarantee is where the company will offer you the same price as a competitor on the same product if found cheaper elsewhere. So if you want to gain some more rewards points but the laptop you want to purchase is cheaper elsewhere, Best Buy will match the price. 

Best Buy states the following three criteria for price matching:

  • Identical to the competitor’s product.
  • Immediately available at a qualifying online retailer, or a local competitor.
  • Not shown on our exclusions list.

There is a more in-depth explanation about the Best Buy price match guarantee here.

Consider Refurbished Items at Discounted Prices

best buy store page showing refurbished items

It is understandable that when you purchase tech or electronics you want them to be brand new, however, refurbished items are basically sold in brand new condition. They are also much cheaper than buying an item brand new, will do the same job, and potentially last just as long.

If you are looking to save at Best Buy then refurbished items are the best way to go. You can discover great deals on refurbished laptops, savings on tablets, and discounted headphones. There are hundreds of refurbished items to choose from so make sure you take a look before shopping.

Some more points that make Best Buy refurbished products a good choice:

  • All products are refurbished in-store buy professionals.
  • You still get warranties on items.
  • They are still eligible for My Best Buy points.
  • Refurbished items still qualify for the returns & exchange promise.

Check out Best Buy refurbished products here.

Check In-Store for Clearance Items

You can usually find a selection of deals in-store that are not available online. The types of deals you will find will vary depending on the store so you will have to take a trip to the store.

If you are looking for a specific product this method of saving money might not work for you. However, if you want to purchase headphones for example, but don’t care which, then you should definitely check out the in-store clearance items.

Most of the time clearance items will be located by the door or by the checkout counters but they can also be found in random bins around the store. If you struggle to find deals in-store then make sure you ask a worker.

It may also be worth noting that there is no specific date range for these deals, they will be added whenever the company/store feels like it. However, it might be worth getting to the store as it opens so you get the first pick.

Download the Best Buy App

The Best Buy app doesn’t really offer different deals than online but it is more convenient and can help you to find the best price. In the app, you will be able to access daily deals, sale events, and the outlet. 

The trick to saving money at Best Buy using the app is to use it in other stores. The app gives you access to the latest pricing for products and also don’t forget that Best Buy has a price match guarantee. 

This means that you can either use the app to find your product cheaper in Best Buy or find it cheaper in other stores to get a price match. For example, you are in Walmart and find a new tablet you are about to buy for $300. You use the app and see that it costs $280 at Best Buy, which means you save $20 by not purchasing on the spot. The same example works if you are in Best Buy, you can use that example to get a price match.

Check Out the Best Buy Deals Page

If you are shopping for tech and electronics in general then it is always worth checking out the Best Buy deals page.

You have multiple options to choose from here. The top deals page is where you will find a collection of the best deals from every category. Then you can search by deal category, which includes TVs, smartphones, appliances, and many more. This is particularly useful if you know you want a TV and only want to search for TV deals rather than scrolling through thousands of products.

It is also worth keeping an eye on the drop-down menu under deals as shown below. You can see that the bottom selection is “Apple Shopping Event” which is a special sale event on Apple products only. There will often be special sale events that appear here, so make sure you check when you shop.

Purchase Discounted Best Buy Gift Cards

This method of saving could be from the Best Buy store, online coupons, other retailers, and other online promotions. 

We have seen promotions in a store such as Walmart, that was selling a $50 Best Buy gift card for $45. Saving you $5. You may also find special gift card promotions in the Best Buy store and online, where you can purchase a product to get a free gift card. 

Sometimes, a coupon code will give you a free gift card with purchases but this is not often.

With this saving method, there is more chance that you will come across a gift card promotion. If you are out shopping in any store that sells gift cards though, always check that section to see what deals you can get a hold of.

Shop for Clearance Items to Save Money

Clearance items are an excellent way of saving money on tech products. The prices usually drop by $50 or more on old stock. 

There is nothing wrong with clearance items online and they are all brand new. However, the only thing to consider is you will find the older stock in clearance rather than new stock. So don’t go to the clearance section expecting to find the latest Apple iPhone or Samsung TV.

If you are not passionate about having the most up-to-date tech, the best way of saving money is to stay a year behind the current technology. This way you can always upgrade to something new, at a fraction of the price because the products will generally be in the clearance section by that point.

Shop Best Buy clearance.

Shop In-Store to Find Secret Sales

best buy store front logo with blue sky

This is not a guaranteed way of saving money but it does work. The brick and mortar retail industry have been suffering since online shopping came into the game. This means retailers will do everything they can to boost sales at in-store locations.

That’s where in-store sales come in. They might happen in only one store, a handful of stores, or across every Best Buy store in the country. It all depends on the stock they have leftover in-store. 

It can be difficult to find out when these sales are happening but you will need to check local newspapers, billboards, radio, and even Facebook. You can also just turn up to the store but if there are no sales, you might be wasting your time. 

Purchase Open Box Items for Discounts

Open-box items are products that have been opened and returned without general use or minor use. The product can be in brand new condition but cannot be sold as new due to the packing being opened and the product potentially being started/assembled/used.

It is worth noting that there is nothing wrong with these products or they would come under the refurbished category. 

Purchasing an open-box product is a great way to save some extra dollars on your purchase. All of the products are covered by standard warranty, exchanges, and are eligible for Best Buy rewards points too.

When purchasing open box items make sure you check the condition by referencing the image on the right. This is from Best Buy and is a way of rating the condition of the product that has been opened.

Obviously, the lower the condition you go, the more money you will save on the item. Check out open-box items here.

Join My Best Buy – The Rewards Program

There is no reason why you shouldn’t sign up for My Best Buy as the program is free to join. Here you can access a range of exclusive deals, promotions, and rewards perks as you shop the tech store.

There are 3 tiers to the My Best Buy Rewards:

  1. My Best Buy – Free to join.
  2. My Best Buy Elite – $1,500 in purchases per calendar year.
  3. My Best Buy Elite Plus – $3,500 in purchases per calendar year.

Each tier will have different perks and rewards which you check out online. The main one to focus on though is the free to join plan.

Here are the following benefits of the My Best Buy free to join program:

  • 1% back in rewards | 0.5 points per $1 spent
  • 250 points = $5 reward certificate
  • Free shipping on purchases $35 and up
  • Free in-home consultation
  • Access to special sales and promotions
  • A birthday gift

For a program that is free to join, it is definitely a great way to save money when you shop at Best Buy online and in-store.

Sign Up For Best Buy Student Discounts

Most retailers in the US offer student discount programs however, Best Buy does theirs a little differently from others. 

To get a student discount at Best Buy you have to sign up for a My Best Buy account. This is a good thing to do anyway, whether you are a student or not. From this point, you will have to sign up for student offers within the My Best Buy account.

You will then start to receive student offers that appear under the member’s page. These deals will change throughout the year but are exclusive to students. So you don’t necessarily get a student discount code, but you get exclusive product discounts that no one else can get. 

Check out the Best Buy student discount section.

Trade-In Your Old Device for Discounts

Like many tech stores, Best Buy has a trade-in program where you can give your old device back in exchange for a gift card. 

Retailers understand that consumers want to constantly upgrade their tech which is why the trade-in programs were launched. This method of saving money at Best Buy will be perfect if you are always upgrading your tech. 

For example, if you have the iPhone 11 in good condition, you could trade that in and get a $400 gift card (est) which is $400 off the iPhone 12 or another product. The poorer condition your device is in, the lower trade-in value you will get. 

You might also come across special promotions such as trade-in your old iPhone and get up to $700 off the iPhone 12. This would be a trade-in deal related to one specific product and generally results in a bigger discount.

Best Buy Trade-In Program.

Recycle to Save the Environment and Your Wallet

recycling image in chalk with drawn person

Best Buy has a recycling program that is present in most stores and allows you to recycle old tech items to help the environment. Occasionally there will be a promotion that offers discounts for products that you recycle.

For example, an active promotion right now is to get a Best Buy coupon for 15% off when you recycle a router/modem. So if you have old junk lying around the house, make sure you head down to your nearest Best Buy recycling station.

Check the latest Best Buy recycling promotions.

Sign Up For a Best Buy Credit Card

When you sign up for a Best Buy credit card you will get access to some extra rewards on top of My Best Buy rewards. 

These perks vary depending on the program you join but you can receive some of the following perks with a Best Buy credit card:

  • 5% back in rewards
  • Flexible financing options on purchases
  • 3% back on gas
  • 2% back on dining
  • 1% back on everyday purchases

Some of these don’t relate to the store itself but they are still a great way of saving money on you purchases.

Sign up for a Best Buy credit card.

Simply Ask for a Deal

If you don’t ask you don’t get right?

The same applies to retail shopping. Whether it is in-store, on the phone, or even on web chat support, you can always ask for a deal.

We have tested this on multiple occasions and it has been successful every time. All you need to do is ask if there are any coupons active now if there are any deals on a Samsung TV if you can get free shipping or any deal you want to ask about.

Usually, customer support will find the best way for you to save money because it means they make a sale. So never be afraid to ask because it will work for you!

That concludes our epic list of ways to save at Best Buy. If you have any suggestions or see something we have missed, email us here. Hopefully, this information can help you save money the next time you shop for electronics and tech online and in-store.

This article contains affiliate links. This means we may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from the links in the article.  This article was, however, written with knowledge, research, and a passion for saving money. Published by Dealroium coupons & deals.

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