17 Ways to Save Money at Walmart | Shopping Hacks

Walmart is considered a budget store however, your orders can still add up to be expensive. They also sell electronics and home decor items which can be more expensive than competitors. Therefore it’s always useful to know the best ways to save money when you shop online and in-store.

We researched and hunted down the best ways to save at Walmart. You can use these methods every time you shop but be aware that some are seasonal and will not save you money every time. 

Use the Latest Walmart Coupons

It goes without saying that coupons are the best ways to save money whether you are shopping online or in-store. You can find the latest Walmart promo codes online at all the major coupon websites, in newspapers, magazines, and sometimes in-store. 

Walmart will also give you back the difference in price if the coupon discount is more than the item itself. If you really wanted to take your savings to the next level then you should try extreme couponing, however, that requires much more dedication than using an everyday coupon!

Shop the Deals Section Online

Every website has a deals section, which is no secret. The important thing to remember is that these deals are updated regularly. So if you can’t find the deal you are looking for, don’t give up and purchase at full price. Instead, create an account online, find the product you want, and “add it to your list” on the product page. This way you can keep track of the pricing much easier than searching.

There are many different options you can choose from in the deals section but remember that the best deals are not always on top. They are usually sorted by “best sellers” first so you should play around with the filters and search through to find the best deals for you.

Discover the latest Walmart Deals.

Take Advantage of Walmart Free Shipping

It’s not always considered but shipping costs can add up when you order regularly. Using free shipping options are a great way of saving money at Walmart. Without free shipping, Walmart charges different amounts depending on your order as mentioned on their website:

“Your shipping cost will display based on your location and the delivery method you choose.”

So how do you get free shipping at Walmart? It’s very simple, spend $35 or more and you wil qualify for free shipping. If you can’t spend more than $35 then you should check for a Walmart coupon OR sign up for a free trial of Walmart+ which will give you free shipping. You can cancel the subscription after. 

Find out more about Walmart shipping information.

Check Out In-Store Pick Up

Walmart generally offers discounts on products that are eligible for pick-up in-store. This can be a great way to save money. If you know that you are driving past a Walmart later in the day then you can purchase these discounted items and pick them up on your way past. Not only do you save time but you also get discounted products and save on shipping costs. 

Make sure you select eligible items for discounted store pick-up.

Always Check the Website When You Are In-Store

Walmart has a price match guarantee which actually works against itself.

Let’s say that you find a laptop in-store for $700 but on the Walmart website there is a special for $550, they will honor that price in-store. This also applies to competitor websites but we will cover that further down.

This one may sound obvious but you will be surprised at just how many people make impulse purchases without checking online first!

Clearance Items For The Win

This can apply to in-store shopping and online shopping. Walmart has a clearance section online which will have huge discounts on products that are from old stock. This a good opportunity to save on electronics, furniture, home decor, and the more expensive items. 

In-store clearance items will be different. The clearance items that you will find will be different in every Walmart store you visit. You will often find clearance bins around the store, large clearance displays in the center aisles, and clearance items near the checkout. If you are unsure, just ask a member of staff!

Take a Look at The Walmart Weekly Ad

The weekly ad can be accessed online or be seen in magazines, newspapers, and other printed media. It only applies to in-store deals but allows customers to see upcoming discounts for their local stores. 

If you do a weekly shop on the same day every week, check out the weekly ad before so you know where to find the best deals when shopping. This not only saves you money but saves time when you shop in-store.

Select your nearest store and discover discounts with Walmart Weekly Ad.

Join the Mailing List for Exclusive Deals

One of the best ways to get access to deals and coupons is through the Walmart mailing list. If you enter your email address you will receive regular emails with sale events, coupons, discounts, and everything you need to know about shopping at Walmart. 

Purchase Items at the Walmart Pharmacy

Walmart offers general prescriptions for $4 and has good prices on other items. You should definitely consider purchasing your prescriptions at Walmart. It might not save you money all the time but it can offer cheaper prices than some other drug stores.

Use the Walmart Price Match Guarantee to Get The Best Price

The Walmart price match guarantee program can save you money if you shop at Walmart online or in-store. Aside from their own website as mentioned earlier, it also applies to competitors. 

If you are in-store or online and find a product you want to purchase, head to other competitors' websites and search for the same product. If you find it cheaper then contact customer service and you get the difference refunded or receive instant discount on the product.

You can find the full details here about Walmart Price Match Guarantee.

Use the Walmart App

The Walmart app is not only useful for saving time but also for saving money when you shop. There are a number of features including creating a shopping list, ordering from the app, and access to exclusive savings. You can find a range of great deals in the app that is better priced than online or in-store.

You can download the Walmart app on iOS and Android to start saving money online.

Shop Seasonal Sale Events

The best time of year to save money when you shop is Black Friday. That is no secret. But there are many other sales events throughout the year which offer you the chance to save money on thousands of items. These events may last for 1 hour, 1 day, or a whole week. 

Some of the major sale events include the 4th of July, Labor Day, Singles Day, Easter, Cyber Monday, and many more. The time between sale events is not very long so if you want to purchase a specific product then it is always worth waiting. 

Trade-In Tech for Gift Cards

Did you know that Walmart has a trade-in program?

You can trade-in your old electronics to receive a Walmart gift card that you can redeem online or in-store. This is helpful for the environment and also gives you some extra spending money in return for unused items around your house.

The trade-in program works by choosing your device online and then receiving a rough quote. Walmart then provides you with a shipping label where you can send the device off. Once evaluated you receive a gift card. It’s very simple and you don’t even have to leave your home!

Get the Walmart Credit card

If you are a regular shopper at Walmart then you should consider getting a credit card. With the Walmart credit card, you can earn points and cashback on purchases when you shop online and in-store. The rewards are currently:

  • 5% Cashback at Walmart
  • 2% Cashback Walmart stores & fuel stations, and with restaurants & travel.
  • 1% Cashback everywhere where Mastercard is accepted.

There is no reason you shouldn’t sign up for the Walmart credit card as there are no annual fees!

Sign Up for Your Registry Online

You can use the Walmart Registry service to create a registry for almost everything. There are some great offers on the registry pages too. For example, with the baby registry, you can get a free welcome box worth $40 just for starting your registry. 

This isn’t really a way of saving money but you can get items for free without paying anything. 

Join Walmart+ (Or just for the free trial)

Walmart+ is the membership rewards program that you can join for Walmart. As of December 2020, the price is $12.95/month or $98/year. With this membership, you can receive free Next-Day and 2-Day Shipping with no minimum spend. This is perfect for those who shop regularly at Walmart. 

There are other benefits of Walmart+ which you can find out online. A top tip from us, even if you don’t want to sign up, take advantage of the free trial so you can save on your shopping through the trial period.

Just Ask Someone

This is our most simple tip to save money when shopping but rarely do customers do it. If you are looking for a deal, clearance items, or sale items, just ask a member of customer service. You can ask in-store or on the phone.

The staff want to sell products so if you ask someone, they will likely tell you what the best deals are right now. Try to ask staff members that work in the department you are looking in though. If you ask someone in the grocery section if there are any TV deals, they might not know. 

We are hoping that you can use these methods of saving money at Walmart to get discounts on your shopping. If you have any more to add please let us know!

You can also check out the latest Walmart coupons & deals here. 

This article contains affiliate links. This means we may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from the links in the article.  This article was, however, written with knowledge, research, and a passion for saving money. Published by Dealroium coupons & deals.

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